Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby #3: Boy or Girl?

**I apologize for the camera phone pictures! Agh! 
I need to get back to taking real pictures at some point in my life.

So, since Mary Ella spilled the beans to my parents and since Chad and I had both let it slip (sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose) to various friends and family members, we decided we'd tell Chad's parents before they found out by accident! I wanted to do the cute balloon release but there really isn't a wide open space for that at our house so we went with cupcakes.

We had told Mary Ella what we were doing and although she's known baby's gender for months now, I think this was almost like finding out all over again for her. She kept saying, "Now MeMama, if our cupcakes are BLUE in the middle it means I'm having a boy, if they are pink in the middle it means we are having a girl!" She thorougly enjoyed letting everyone know the 'rules' and giving instructions on what to do. Here is Grandaddy after biting in to his cupcake (sorry for the poor quality)

And here's the Mary Ella sequence along with what she said with each bite...

"Well, nothin yet. Gotta keep on eatin."

"I don't think mine has pink OR blue."

"If mine has green in it I bet that means we're havin a Grinch baby."

"Uh oh... I know what color mine is..."

"Look Daddy!"

 We're having a...

Another precious little girl is coming our way (in about 7 weeks - eek!)
So I'm once again bringing out the tiny bows and pink gowns and such. I would've been fine with either, obviously, but now that I've had almost 5 months knowing, I couldn't be happier.
I'm especially happy that I get to re-use all of Mary Ella's clothes, some of which were my own.
And happy that she will have a sister; I know what a treasure that is and I think she and Mary Ella will be best buds... eventually.  :)  
Sam is super thrilled that he does not have to share a room.
And that he can be mama's only boy forever and ever and ever. Right buddy?

We've got our hospital shirts (and baby sister's gown) ready to go and
we are all super excited to welcome another little lady into this mix.
Lord help us if she's anything like her sister. Ha...
I'm already praying that she won't be tender headed if she has Mary Ella's hair. Ah, the daily battle... 
which is another post in and of itself. :)

Aren't the shirts cute? They are from an Etsy store called RockPaperSisters based here in Birmingham.

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Carly said...

YAY! Congrats! We found out in Jan we are having another little girl too!!

jessica said...

So excited for you, haley! The sister/brother shirts and gown are precious. I'm so glad Mary Ella is getting a sister - I know how great they are too! Hope you're feeling good. Can't wait to get our girls together - I know they'll be good buddies.

Amy said...

can't wait to meet new little miss morgan!

Perkins Family said...

Congrats! Another beautiful little girl! Love their shirts & gown for the hospital.

Lauren said...

Yay!! Congrats!! I can't wait to see all the fun stuff you do with 3 kiddos. And I'm sure Mary Ella will just love having another girl around.

The Penter Family said...

YAH! Another girl! So great that Mary Ella will get to have a sister!

Kristy said...

"Sisters, Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters!" I am soooo happy for your family. Have a happy and healthy 7- weeks until she gets here! YAY!

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