Wednesday, February 29, 2012

33 Week Appointment

Today was my 33 week appointment with Dr. H.
Since Dr. H has changed his satellite clinic day to Wednesdays, I am now forced to take my kids, since they do not go to school on Wednesdays. Therefore, a stop at the BP gas station for Blow Pops was absolutely necessary. Lest we leave the entire office staff with souvenir migraines. :)

The suckers worked wonders. Until Dr. H leaned me back onto the table to listen to baby's heart beat. 
Sam had a complete come-apart, like someone was about to kill me. Luckily it only lasted a second. 
My boy is protective over his mama! That's for sure.

The appointment went as well as it could go.
Baby girl was a wild child. 
Her heart rate was 165!
I had not gained any weight since the last appointment 3 weeks ago. I'm sure that'll be the last time that happens.
I am measuring right on time at 33 weeks.
I go back in 2 weeks for another check up and the dreaded strep B test. Awesome.

I did have a couple questions at this week's appointment. 

1. If I'm measuring on time, can I still have a HUGE baby? 
Answer: YES.

2. Will I have any more ultrasounds or NST tests like I had with my last 2 pregnancies, 
since I don't have gestational diabetes and since I'm not measuring ahead? 
Answer: NO.

3. Can I please, please, please have the baby during my 38th week? 
Answer: NO.

I begged. I tried. But to no avail. And apparently there is a reason...

Since I was pregnant with Sambo, I had always heard that you had to be 39 weeks for a scheduled c-section and I asked the doc today if this was the law or a hospital policy; he said it has something to do with some kind of 'medical peer review committee' at the hospital that looks at everyone's files with narrowed, picky eyes. And unless there is a medical reason why your c-section should be moved up, then you HAVE to be 39 weeks, 0 days at minimum. Mary Ella was born at 38 weeks (a scheduled c-section) because she was 8.5 pounds at my 36-week ultrasound! (She was 9 lbs 8 oz at birth). Sam only measured 6.5 pounds at the 36 week appointment, and was 8 pounds 2 ounces at birth (born at 39 weeks.) Dr. H said he could put me on the schedule today for a 38 week c-section but that once this committee looked at my chart and realized there was no medical reason, they would call me and say, "Due to blah blah blah, your c-section has been moved to this day..." So it's not a law but it is a new medical policy that all hospitals are adopting.
(I just share that in case any of you were wondering the same thing. Thought it was interesting.)

So the remainder of this pregnancy will be fairly boring (in a good way!) compared to my last two, Lord willing! With both Mary Ella and Sam, I spent the last 6 weeks of pregnancy going every.single.week for a non stress test (which takes an hour), followed by an ultrasound, followed by an appointment. Which was, like, half a day's worth of stuff. And since those tests can't be done at the satellite office 5 minutes from my house, I had to make the trek all the way downtown to the hospital every week. It'll be nice not to have that drive and those weekly visits/tests. I'll still go weekly after my 35-week appointment but only to the satellite office. Praise the Lord.

Anyhow, Dr. H said he'd go ahead and fill out the paper work for my c-section, so hopefully I'll hear from them in the next week or so and have an exact date and time! Woo hoo! 
Baby girl will already share a birthday week with her daddy and it's possible they will share a birthday, depending on the date they give me (Chad's is April 13th; she'll be here on or after April 9th.)

I am thankful to God for the sweet miracle of being able to be pregnant with little complications and to be able to feel this baby girl move and flip and tumble inside me. Such a sweet and precious blessing. I definitely do not want to take it for granted. I appreciate your prayers for a healthy rest-of-the-pregnancy, an easy transition and a healthy baby!

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