Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sam's 18 Month CheckUp & Annual Evaluation

This little dude had his annual evaluation for Early Intervention on Monday.

We are so proud of our little Sam; he's come such a long way since his first evaluation one year ago.
He was tested in 5 areas (Physical, Cognitive, Communication, Adaptive and Social/Emotional) and had good scores, testing at 19 and 20 months for Cognitive, Communication and Social, 16 months for adaptive and 11 months for physical (because he is not walking.) So overall we were really excited. He only qualified for Early Intervention for the physical area.

We also had Sam's 18 month checkup today. Late, I know. We just kinda go whenever.
Here he is getting his pre-checkup fuel. Diet Sunkist. Does a toddler good.

He is doing GREAT!
At our last visit, Sam was 15 months. Still wasn't crawling. He was very 'top heavy' at that point - in the 90th percentile for both height and head circumference and only 75th for weight.
Well, we had LOTS to report on today; namely, his motor skills. Cruising, pulling up, walking behind a push toy... he's come a long way since that last appointment and Dr. A was very impressed.

Weight: 26.4 pounds (50%)
Height: 33.5 inches (75%)
Head: 19.25 inches (75%)

So he's becoming a little more 'evened out' proportionally, which I'm sure will only help his balance and motor development.

We are going to see a pediatric allergist on Monday. Still a little confused on why he coughs incessantly after certain foods, and I can't pinpoint it (well, except for peas. Those are definitely out.)

He got 3 vaccines today - the most he's ever had at once (I space them out cause I'm nerdy like that) - so I'm hoping he isn't too sore and has very little side effects, if any.

Miss Thang was bored to tears at the checkup and spent most of the appointment like this... despite having plenty of activities in her backpack (that she packed herself.)

Dr. A did make the mistake of asking her what she got for Christmas, and her answer took up about 12 minutes of our checkup; not because she got a ton for Christmas, but because she chose to describe every. single. thing down to the minute details. I don't think Dr. A will make that mistake again. :)

After the checkup we came home and the kids took naps while I cleaned.
Tomorrow is their first day of school for this year.

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