Monday, January 2, 2012

Project 365

A bunch of people participated in Project365 last year and I was late finding out about it so I couldn't do it, but this year I'm IN, people. Let's hope I can stick with it! (If you don't know about it, it's basically a 'project' for the year where you try your darndest to take a picture Now, the purpose is obviously so you'll have a record of your year in photos, but also so that you'll learn to be a better picture taker. Well, I can't promise I'll always take one with my big camera; more than likely it'll be my phone and even more likely will be with my Instagram app, which I am LOVING. (Download it, it's free!) I also can't promise that I will adhere to the "1 photo per day" rule because I am indecisive and won't be able to choose. But anyway, here's to Project365... and here are my first 2 days, which I took with Instagram, obviously, and turned into a Picnik collage... So glad some of my friends are doing this too!



I'm going to try to post these on the blog as part of my "Friday Phone Pics" posts but if you click on the pictures from here, it will take you to my Flickr page and you'll be able to see them there if I forget to post here! This is mostly for me anyway so there's a good chance I'll forget to add them to the blog.

Hope everyone is having a blessed 2012 so far.

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