Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The kiddos and cute monogramming.

 Finally took my SLR off the kitchen counter last Friday and managed to snap a couple pictures before heading off to the McWane Center and to surprise Daddy at the airport when he came home from Dallas.
It's hard to get a good picture of two kids. 
So you get what you get.

I love this one of Sam. Rocking his baby boy romper and his big boy shoes. :)

And my sweet girl. 

In case you're wondering, their outfits are from my friend Wendy. You know, Sam's teacher, and my good friend who sells me her clothes when her own kids outgrow them! 
She has good taste.

She's also super talented when it comes to the sewing and monogramming.
Check out our robot valentine shirts! 

I texted this picture to Chad when he was out of town and told him the backs of the shirts said: 
(Da Vinci is the name of the surgical robot he promotes.)
He totally believed me and was a little disappointed when he got home and found out I had lied.
Seriously, Chad. Seriously.
But they turned out super cute, huh?
And you wanna see her other Valentines stuff, huh?

Welllll, ok.

And if you're into Easter too, here ya go. 
And any of these can be done in any kind of fabric, pretty much any color too. 
And she has the cutest fonts - all kinds!

If you want to order shirts from Wendy, you can get in touch with her by finding her on FaceBook (Wendy West) or just go to her BLOG!

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