Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's true, it's true! HUGE photo for el CHEAPO.

I'm sure you've all seen THIS POST on Pinterest by now.
I was skeptical, but it's true! You can get a HUGE photo print for $2.99 at Staples.

I think the blogger that I linked to above got hers done at Office Depot and then she mounted it to a piece of foam board from Lowe's. You can click on the link to get the low down on how she did it, but since I did mine a little differently I'll show you another method here.

I used Staples' website to upload my picture.
Just go to and create and account with them. 
Real easy, just fill in your info.

Then when you're done, on that same page you started on, you'll see a small section that says "Engineer Prints" with a small link button below it that says "Begin." Click that button and it'll take you through the steps of uploading your picture, etc. It does need to be a black and white picture. (If you upload a colored picture, they may automatically change it to black and white; not sure about that. I uploaded my original black and white photo.) You'll also need to click the box that says, "Scale to Fit Paper" so that your entire picture prints and not just a tiny section. It will let you preview it and choose your size; I chose a 2ft by 3ft and it cost $2.99. Not bad! 
Then just choose the store closest to you for pick up and you're all done. I was giddy with excitement when I went to get mine today. The 'engineer prints' are printed on the same type paper that engineers/architects get their blueprints printed on; so it's no photo paper, and it's not photo quality like you'll get if you order from your photographer (if you look closely enough, in person, you can see a tiny line or two running through the picture, but you have to look really close! And it is not pixelated at all - not one bit), but for the price, wow! You can't beat it. I'll be using this method for all my large photos from now on.

Here's my photo on the garage floor when we got home.

The lady from Pinterest mounted hers to foam board using spray glue, or Spray Mount (made by Scotch and 3m - thanks, Molly!) which is definitely the best method. I thought I had some spray glue at home but it turned out to be something different so I had to use Mod Podge. I bought a 24x36 inch pine colored frame for $9.88 (yes, I know, that price is SICKENING it's so cheap; I got lucky) at Old Time Pottery and used my transform-a-frame method to paint it red and distress it a bit. The frame came with an ugly landscape print in it - no glass - but I didn't feel I really needed glass anyway. I mounted my picture on the back of the artwork that came in the frame. Since I didn't have spray glue I used a foam brush and brushed a VERY thin layer of Mod Podge over the back of the artwork and then carefully laid the picture on top, starting at one end and smoothing it out to the opposite end. I did NOT Mod Podge OVER the picture, or the actual print. I thought it might wrinkle up so I just used the Mod Podge like I would've used the spray glue. 

The print is HUGE! 
And since it's vertical I was very limited on where I could hang it; a 3-foot vertical photo is VERY tall and just know that you'll need a lot of wall space. My next photo enlargement will most definitely be a horizontal photo! But I hung it in the hallway that connects the kids' rooms and I think it looks perfect there. Now for what to put around it... more pictures? I just don't know. Suggestions welcomed!

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jessica said...

love it! i will have to do this for sure! maybe you can take some more photos of our family once baby girl comes!

Anonymous said...

Looks great and I was going to get one done when I saw this on pintrest from a didferent person . but when I called Staples her in Benton Harbor Mich . they said to do one that size engineer print that it would cost $59.00 and when I ask about the life size one I really wanted done they told me it would be $80.00 . I just don't get it !!! Oh well I will try calling around or what you did to see if I can get it for a real cheap price .

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