Monday, January 30, 2012

The Boys Vs. The Girls

We are still thoroughly enjoying this beautiful weather down here. 
Today we got out and played with the neighbors.

Sam enjoyed riding his trike with his little buddies.
Here are Greyson and Jake...

The girls didn't want to go without getting their picture made either, so here they are... I've dubbed them the "Pink Ladies" in this photo because they look like they are in some kind of 'club' about to ride around seeing what kind of trouble they can get themselves into! 
(Mary Ella does not usually wear a helmet while riding her oh-so-dangerous tricycle; but when the bigger girls strapped on their helmets, she wanted to do the same. Of course, of course.)
There is no telling what these girlies will be into in a couple of years.

 And when the boys saw they were outnumbered, well, they came out of the woodwork 
(as in, woke up from their naps.) Here they are, from left to right:
Greyson, Gage, Sam, Owen and Jake.
I need a good name for this little bunch.
They will grow up to be best buds, no doubt.

(Sam looks thrilled that he is having to sit in the pink car. Such is life when you have an older sister, buddy.) 

So thankful for our sweet friends!
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