Tuesday, January 3, 2012

25 Weeks.


Nothing much to update... aside from the fact that I have a tiny human taking over my body.
WOW! I am HUGE. 
Oh well. Such is life when you grow big babies, as I am known to do.

Had an appointment 2 weeks ago...
heart rate was 147
belly measured at 25 weeks (2 weeks ahead - uh oh)
weight gain was right at 15 pounds total
and baby was MOVING a LOT. 
No real big changes in how I'm feeling.
I crave Frosted Mini Wheats. 
Sweet tea is making me feel sick.
I've switched to Dunkin Decaf, which equals no energy but I pretend it's the real thing.
I go for my glucose test next week. Blah.

Ok, now off to make some lunch for some hungry piglets.

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