Friday, December 2, 2011

You not knowing.

This 'no one knowing the gender besides us' thing is killing me.
(And actually I can't say that no one knows the gender. Funny story: one of my high school girlfriends told me on FB the other night that some outfits I bought on a particular children's clothing auction showed up on her news feed. YIKES! Shoulda thought about that before I bought matching clothes for my kids. Oh well! Keep it a secret, MB! Ha! And I also blurted it out to one of my neighbors in a roundabout way, by total accident. We all busted out laughing. I knew that would happen at some point. Oh well. At least our families don't know!)
But anyway, back to my point - it's HARD!
It's hard because there are lots of things I want to 'run by' my mom and my aunt (the two people I call 90 times a day to ask them questions about this or that.)
It's hard because I want to nail down a name and I want to make sure it sounds good to everyone (although if we love it, does it really matter what other people think? No. And we did finally nail down a name this week.)
It's hard because I have a room I am supposed to be decorating that I can't let ANYONE into. And with 2 kids that are back and forth all the time, that's going to be an issue.
It's hard because I want to BLOG about all the fun things I'm looking at and ordering and making and doing! But I can't do that because then you'll know.
It's hard because I want to pin every. little. cute. thing. I see on Pinterest to my "Baby" board but I can't because that will ruin the surprise! AGH!

Ok, just letting everyone know that it's not as easy as it might sound.
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The Jordans said...

its very hard! I am not going to be able to do but everyone will find out for me on christmas eve yay! I am super proud of you though nice job it will be fun for everyone!

Melissa said...

just tell us. Then the hard stuff is over! :)

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