Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The washer.

I had a few emails about the washing machine. Nice to know I'm not the only one who's having to get a new one!
Anywho, it's a Samsung high efficiency machine but it's a top loading one. Some of you asked if I had a front loader now, and the answer is no. We have your basic washing machine (I think a Kenmore 80 series?). I did a bit of research on the front loaders and although there were mixed reviews, as I expected, in the end we decided to go with the biggest capacity we could find, and that happened to be the top loader. From what I read online and from friends that have front loaders, they can produce a smell if you don't wipe the door rim out and leave it open after washing a load. I had several people that said this was not a problem though, so I'm not speaking from experience, just from what we were told. But like I said, I really didn't care if it was a top loader or front loader, I just wanted the largest washer out there, and this is the largest one we could find in our price range.
Another person asked me what capacity it holds, and this one is 4.7 cubic feet (whatever that means!) Also, we saw the same washer at Lowe's and it was listed at having 5.4 cubic feet, which is why we initially chose it; we ended up purchasing from Best Buy though due to the better price and having some store credit. The man that helped us at Best Buy explained that the government, in the last couple months, has apparently changed the way that capacity is measured in washing machines, so that is why the same exact machine at Lowe's was listed at 5.4 cubic feet; they just didn't have the 'new measurement' on their label. Just so no one gets confused! (I thought 5.4 seemed HUGE since the biggest I could find online was 4.5 or so, and that's the reason!)
We did not get the dryer simply because our dryer is still is good shape. I'm hoping it stays that way for a while. And I realize that our dryer will probably not hold the huge load of clothes that my washer will hold, but I'm hoping the faster spin cycles will help with drying time.
Anyway, hope I answered all questions!

Now I have a question for any of you with these top load high efficiency machines: any advice? what are your favorite detergents/products to use with your washer? Do you have to use the Affresh tablets with these? (I heard you have to use them with all HE machines since the HE detergent has live enzymes...?) Any info is appreciated!

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The Pilston's said...

My washer is the Kenmore top loader and it has a cleaning cycle that you run bleach through. No need to use cleaner.

Beth said...

I love my top load HE washer! It washes so much and spins all the water out! I use environmentally friendly detergent from Costco and a scoop of Oxy with each wash. I'm so glad I got a top load instead of a front loader, and I bet you will be too!

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