Friday, December 2, 2011

Sam at 18 months.

Sam, Sam, Sam...

So much has changed over the last few months! You are saying words. You are losing your baby fat. You are MOVING! You are aggravating your sister. You are eating like a horse. You are developing favorites in many areas. You are making new friends at school. You are learning (sloowwwly learning) that life does not end when you are taken out of your mother's arms. You are such a joy and blessing and I have loved every minute of having you as my precious baby boy.

Sam is moving everywhere, and FAST. He's a crawling machine. He has permanent red spots on his knees and the tops of his chubby little feet. He began crawling at 15 months, and just this last month has learned to pull up on furniture. He was very unstable at first, but now he's pulling up on pretty much everything! Even our recliner and our ottoman, which have very little, if any, room to get a good grip. He's doing great with his motor skills and we're so thankful. We are working on walking behind a push toy, which he is also getting better at, although I can tell he'd prefer crawling because he knows its easy and will get him where he wants to go, and faster! Lots of times he'll just sit down on his own in the middle of practicing his walking. He has learned to take steps on his own while holding our hands and while cruising furniture. This is also a big step for him because it was like pulling teeth trying to get him to move his feet a couple months ago. He is sitting on his knees some and even in a squat position at times, showing that his balance has definitely improved. He's finally realizing that being mobile is a good thing and he's letting go of some of his stubbornness as he gets more comfortable with different things. We still see Chantel, our physical therapist, every 2 weeks, here in our home; Sam is always more stubborn for her but thankfully I can show her home videos to prove he is actually improving!

Words, words, words! While Sam is nowhere near where his sister was at 18 months (Mary Ella was saying about 60 words at only 16 months old - woah!), he is definitely coming along. I was worried at first, but everyone told me that since he's my second child, and since he's a boy, and since he has an older sister that has been talking since she could open her mouth, that'd he'd probably be a little more laid back in this area. It's actually been rather nice; I remember at 18 months when Mary Ella began saying "Stop" and "Quit" and it was, ummm, a challenging age, to say the least! But Sam's moving right along and we are so pleased with his progress. He seemed to be more interested in words as soon as he began crawling - almost like that particular milestone made him want to catch up in other areas too. Here are the words that Sam can say (in his own, Sam-version):

Nana (banana)
Bah (Ball)
Baghh (as in bath or as in what a sheep says)
Booo (Blue as in Blue's Clues)
Duhh (duck)
Eh-ahhh-ooooh (where are you?)
I do
choo choo (too too)
a clue! (a tooo!) and points to paw print
shut the door (uh-de-do!; this one is hilarious in person)

Every time we go to Target and he sees those big red concrete balls outside, he immediately points and yells "A BALL! A BALL!" He also goes nuts when we go down the kids pillow aisle in Target (the one with all the character themed blankets and pillows); he'll say "DODA!" for the Dora one and yell "TOO TOO!" for the Thomas the Train one. Thomas the Train has become a new favorite around here.

A couple videos of him and his words, just for my records!

Saying "BATH"

Sam eating a pickle and saying "I DO" when asked if he likes them. ("I DO" is something we taught both our kids to say; it's easier for them than saying "Yes" at an early age. It worked for both!)

Sam Says Tractor

Sam Says Apple

Roll Tide!

Saying Bottle (he calls his cup a bottle)

Sam would eat 15 times a day if I'd let him. He is a great eater and doesn't seem too picky. He is still allergic to peas and possibly allergic to peanut oil?? We haven't taken him to an allergist but any time he eats Chick Fil A fries or nuggets he begans coughing like he does when eating peas. Funny thing is he is definitely NOT allergic to peanut butter, because peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a definite favorite.
Other favorite foods include:

pancakes and waffles
mandarin oranges
any type of fresh fruit, really
oatmeal pie
mac n cheese
green beans
creamed corn
grilled cheese
crackers with peanut butter
shortbread cookies
cheetos or puff corn

He tried his first sucker at Halloween and loved it.

A few other things I love about Sam:

-He loves being scratched gently under his chin; when you stop, he will try to do it himself then take your hand and make you do it. He has dry skin and the occasional patch of eczema right in that spot. If you ask him if he's itching, even if he's not itching, he'll try to scratch that spot and then make you do it for him.
-He loves having his back ever so gently scratched; he'll completely freeze and sit open-mouthed like he's in a trance until you stop
-He LOVES opening and shutting cabinets, doors, the baby gate, etc. Sometimes, if I'm sweeping the eat-in area of our kitchen and I need him to be in the other part, I'll open all the lower cabinet doors and Sam will be occupied for several minutes while he crawls around to shut each one.
-He adores Mickey Mouse clubhouse. If he sees Mickey on anything at all he will say "OHHH!" and begin pointing. He carries around a 3-inch figurine of Mickey Mouse ALL. THE. TIME. In the car, during naptimes, to church, to birthday parties, everywhere we go he has his Mickey Mouse.
-He really loves any type of small object that he can carry in his hand; from 2 liter bottle caps to Candyland game pieces to the small counting bears that Mom brought him from her classroom. Anything he can fit into the palm of his hand.
-He LOVES buckles; his car seat buckles, the buckles on the Bye Bye Buggy at school, and all high chair buckles and straps. He says "Buh-Bul" anytime we put him into any seat that he knows has a buckle and he always tries to buckle it himself. I gave him Lucy's collar one day and it entertained him for quite a while as he tried to buckle it.
-He is becoming familiar with the characters on the movies and channels on TV. Recognizes Elmo (although we don't watch it often), and he LOVES Thomas (he'll say "TOO TOO" for train) and also loves Blues Clues.
-He loves playing on the screen porch when it's nice enough outside.
-He loves swinging.
-He adores bathtime; he would bathe for hours. Some days he'll crawl into the bathroom and pull up on the side of the tub and yell "BAGHHH!" until I come in and either give him a bath or tell him it's not quite time yet! He always tries frantically to scoot away when I'm trying to get him out and almost always cries when I lift him out and wrap him in a towel. He hates for it to be over. :(
-If he finds something on the floor that he knows he is not supposed to have, like a small bead or a coin or a piece of string, he will bring it to me and say "No no." It's strange because we've never really taught him not to put things in his mouth but he just kind of realized what was a 'no-no' and what was 'ok' on his own. (Or for all I know, his sister taught him!)
-He still sleeps with his knitted blue blanket and still sucks his right thumb. I love it. His thumb has developed a callous from all the sucking! Guess it will be permanent reminder of this little trait.
-In the mornings or after naps, he will either call out "Da-Da!" or "EE-Ella!" He loves Mary Ella and loves when she comes in to wake him up.
-He is super duper sensitive. He cannot stand when I am holding him and I laugh out loud at someone's joke. It's almost like he thinks we are laughing at him. He'll just put his head on my shoulder and start crying - with real tears! It's heartbreaking. He does the same thing when he is in trouble and we tell him not to do something. Sweet, sensitive boy.
-He is still verrry attached to Mama. Which is fine by me! It is difficult at times because he can be playing in a room with other people and be laughing and having the best time, and if I merely walk by in the distance, he melts into a million pieces. He prefers me over anyone else, and although I do love it, it can be a back breaker (literally!) at times.
-If he wants something or sees somewhere he wants to go, he'll point to it and say "I do! I do! I do" over and over until you acknowledge what he's pointing at.
-He loves Christmas lights! If we go somewhere at night and he sees them, he will say "OHHH!" and point to them and clap. I love it. Seeing Christmas through a child's eyes is so much fun.

There is so much to love about little boys. I'm so thankful for my sweet, precious Sam and couldn't imagine life without him. He is such a special part of our family. Thank you Lord, for this perfect gift!

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