Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Christmas Parties

Our sweet Early Intervention team had a Christmas party for all of us on Monday morning. We were able to spend time with Chantel, our physical therapist, and our case worker Miss Rachel and all the other gals who make Early Intervention so great. 
Oh yes, and Santa was there too.
This next sequence of pictures will make me laugh for years to come. Poor Sam. 

He was much happier playing on the floor and watching Santa from a distance. 
He did manage to give a quick high five before we left. 

Sister, of course, was happy to sit in Santa's lap and once again tell him e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. she wanted. 
Really, I think she just told him an "Easy Bake Oven."

The kids spent a good hour in the play area where they climbed and tossed the balls and jumped on the trampoline and played 'kitchen,' then they sat down at the cookie table to decorate Christmas cookies. Sam was more than happy to be involved in this activity. 
We finally had to remove the bowl of M&M's and sprinkles.

I think we're done with seeing Santa this year.
I'm not sure how much more he can take :)

Mary Ella's class Christmas party was today...
The kids were so sweet. They all wore their Christmas tree shirts that Ms. Elaine helped them make. Their room was decorated with all the Christmas crafts and ornaments they've been working so hard to make. We ate pizza and Little Debbie Christmas cakes and made Christmas trees out of ice cream cones (again.) The kids exchanged Golden Books as gifts and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blew out candles on their chocolate chip pound cake. It was a special time and they were all worn out afterwards! 

Right before the book exchange Mary Ella began to cry for no apparent reason. She kept saying "I want my daddy" and couldn't seem to catch her breath. (We had an extremely later-than-late night last night and she was absolutely exhausted.) I wasn't trying to be mean by snapping these pictures of her; I just thought it was so sweet how her friends were trying to comfort her and wipe away her tears! Precious little ones!

She finally came to sit in my lap and after a few minutes she was back to normal! Guess she just needed to get her tears out! I certainly know how that feels. Sometimes you just need to let it out.

For teacher gifts this year, we made these candied pecans:

(Photo from Whitney Newby's Flickr Page; LOVE her blog Elm Street Life)

They are ABSOLUTELY delicious and the recipe is super easy; I had everything on hand except the pecans! We tied them up in simple gift bags with some home made tags and of course, the recipe.
This is one worth sharing!

Mary Ella and Sam both came home with an abundance of keepsakes that I will definitely treasure for a long time! I love things like this and I'm thankful their teachers take the time to do these things; it would certainly be easier to send them home with coloring sheets or candy, but this is so special.

These are my favorite things; a painted Santa tile from Mary Ella and a salt dough footprint ornament from Sam. Love that sweet chubby foot and those teeny tiny toes. These gifts made my day!

The kids are taking much needed naps now.
Mary Ella's Christmas program is tonight so I'll try to post after the kids go to bed!

A couple funny stories to remember:

1. Mary Ella's music teacher had given each child an animal figurine as a gift. Mary Ella's was a kitten. I asked her what she wanted to name it and without hesitation she said, "Kotex." It caught me so off guard that I couldn't respond right away, but I'm not sure that name will fly. 
2. She has been practicing her "Away in a Manger" song for the program and she says, "The little FORD Jesus laid down his sweet head." Little Ford. Bless.
3. Her teacher, Ms. Elaine, made an announcement at the party and told the parents that every child in the class had asked Santa for an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, because Mary Ella went first and that's what she said she wanted! So Santa's elves better get busy!

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