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Christmas With My Parents: The 12 Months of Christmas

So, my parents are awesome.
I told you about the bajillion presents under their tree in my previous post. And now for the explanation.
Every year they go above and beyond for Christmas, but this year was especially wonderful. They were so generous and gave us (me, my siblings and our spouses) each 12 gifts, one for each month of the year; some were individual gifts, some were for us as couples. It was so much fun! My Dad wrote a poem for every month which gave hints to the gifts we were about to receive. I kinda felt like I was on Oprah's "Favorite Things" show! It was awesome. Here's how it all went down...

Dad read the poem that he wrote, and when it was time to pause for gifts, Mom would hand them out and we'd open. Then the poem would continue. This went on forever and ever. Here is the poem and what we got for each month...

It's the most wonderful time of the year; it really is better than the rest.
No other holiday brings us such cheer - it truly is the best!

The joy that's brought on this one day, when we get to experience that smile
Will make a person stop and say, "I wish this could last a while!"

So why can't we have this special holiday more often than just December?
Each month ought to be just like today, so this feeling we'll remember!

So we decided to do just that! We hope this will be ok.
Whatever month of the year you're at, you'll remember it's Christmas Day!

The new year starts with bitter cold, from the tips of our heads right down to our toes
Most outside events are all put away, unless it comes down to a ride on the sleigh.
But that won't be fun unless you're prepared for the icy snow and North wind you must bear.
So here's a little gift that you might can use to make these cold days seems like a summer cruise.

January Gifts: 
The guys got toboggans and flannel pajama pants,
and the girls got hand made scarves and fur throw blankets!

Now February follows with more winter grief! We really need something to give us relief!
Thank goodness this short month makes us recall that love is in the air and it is for ALL.
Valentines Day is just what we need to make this month special, yes indeed!
So don't forget this romantic time; this little gift makes February "all mine."

February Gifts: 
Each couple received a gift cards to Ricatoni's! Can't complain about that.

Well March is here and winter is slowing; it's almost time to start our mowing.
There's lots of things that need to be done to get the yard ready for guests to come.
There's trimming the hedge or pulling some weeds; there's putting stuff out so the neighbors can see.
So Santa is here and he wants to say, "I'll help you get ready, and then we'll play!"
We'll let the girls tend to the flags, and you won't even have to carry your bags.
We'll get out there and work on your score, and hopefully you don't even have to holler "Fore!"

March Gifts: 
The girls received bright colored monogrammed flags for our front yards; 
the guys got a ladder golf game that my dad built himself out of PVC pipe.

For this month we bought you some expensive jewels; no, wait a minute... that's not right... April Fools!
If that were right you'd still be in a mess, cause half of it would go to the IRS!
But then there's more to the month than taxes and money; A special visitor comes - the Easter Bunny!
She brings our children candy and gifts of their own, but leaves adults out just cause we're grown!
So Santa's here to ease your mind! Tax Day and Easter - can you combine??
Don't doubt Santa, that's for sure! These cute little gifts will give you the cure!

April Gifts: 
Vera Bradley wallets for all the girls (to represent tax season, ha!) 
and the guys got button-down shirts for Easter Sunday. Nice.

This month we've been waiting on is finally here! School's nearly over and summer is near!
We've dreamed all winter of things we can do... and now we've got time to make them come true!
So here's some gifts we thought might fit - these will let you show off your talents a bit!
Cranky or crafty - however you run - these little gifts give hours of fun!

May Gifts: 
The guys got some crank bait stuff for fishing and the girls all got Hobby Lobby gift cards! Woo hoo!

June is here! You can feel the heat! There's not much to do but swim and eat!
Get out your speedo and give us a thrill! Or on second thought, just light up the grill!

June Gifts:
 the boys received grilling cookbooks and the girls got baskets filled with grilling spices, bright colored spoons, a new kitchen knife and dish towel.

Now it's July, and hot as a dog. Wish there was some way to stay cool!
You can jump in the pond like a frog, or better yet, head for the pool!
So use these gifts to ease the grief from these hot summer days we're in...
They ought to help you bring relief so old man Summer can't win!

July Gifts: 
the gals received cute colorful coolers 
(mine has a handle and wheels since I'll be taking 3 to the pool this year!). 
The boys got Frog Tog towels (a towel you wet and then put around your neck to keep you cool during your outdoor activities.)

August comes and with her she'll bring the hottest temperatures so far!
Staying inside is the only thing to keep us from being charred!
So maybe you can find a way to have some fun inside. 
Use these gifts to finish off a day and see the "stars" come alive!

August Gifts: 
Each couple received a Fandango ticket book full of movie tickets and coupons. Here's to date nights!

September means that school's back in; summer's gone like a fumble
But with it brings a chance to win... soooo... "Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!"

September Gifts: 
We all got new Bama gear except for Ashley who got her Vols sweatshirt. (Mom appliqued our sweatshirts of course.)

October brings, as you're well aware, ghosts and goblins and witches in the air!
Santa knows it, so don't despair! Here's some gifts to help you prepare!

October Gifts: 
Halloween home decorations for the girls and candy for the boys.

November means Thanksgiving, turkey and dressing; But most of all it means counting our blessings.
And we as family have plenty to share - you don't have to look far to see them there.
They're in this room as special as can be - Mary Ella, Sam, Gracie and the baby-to-be.
So here's a gift so you can display how blessed you are in every way!

November Gifts: 
We all received frames that my aunt and uncle built. 
They are gorgeous! Can't wait to hang it in the house.

December is here! Wow! Where did the year go? It's already time for "Ho, Ho, Ho!" 
Yep, Santa comes and in his sleigh is a gift for you to brighten your day!
We hope you enjoyed and had some fun - A Year of Christmas all rolled into one
We love you all so very much! Just having you here is Christmas for us!

December Gifts: 
Each of us got an individual gift. Mom bought me some silver stacking rings with the kids' names on them. Chad got a brand new Quantum fishing reel. And the others all got their own special gifts too.

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The Pilston's said...

Can your parents do a class called "Giving Gifts to Your Adult Children". I have some people who need to attend. ;)

jessica said...

This is precious. The thought, time and creativity that went into this is amazing! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Haley said...

Ha! Rachel you crack me up. I know what you mean though. :)

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