Saturday, December 31, 2011

Highlights from 2011...

Thought I'd do a post highlighting some of this past year...


We started off with Sam at 7 months - still not able to fully sit up on his own, but making progress!
We began our Early Intervention physical therapy this month!

Tummy time - not a favorite activity by any means, but the iPhone did help.

Gotta love Alabama weather - we enjoyed at least 2 days at the park.

Other January moments I don't want to forget...
  • Sam began teething (although his 2 front teeth did not come through until he was 10 months old), and he had his first surgery at Children's hospital which was a success (urology procedure.)
  • Our dog Lucy suffered with cellulitis in one of her legs, leaving us with a hefty vet bill. Thankfully she was ok though!
  • I learned to make pants and began sewing a LOT, and made a lot of clothes for the kids.


The weather was a bit bipolar in February.
One week it was snowing, the next week it was 65 degrees and sunny.

Sam learned to sit up on his own! 

He and Mary Ella had fun in the snow...

And the very next week they wore spring clothes to church!

Mary Ella became quite the mischievous one. 
Here she is on the morning of the Great Food Coloring Spill of 2011.

It took weeks - literally, weeks - for the color to fade. 
She had pink legs for a good 6 weeks after this incident.

We enjoyed the zoo with friends and cousins.

And here she is again, after the Great Cupcake Swipe of 2011.

We also experimented with lots of new recipes and found ways to pass the time on the colder days.


We spent lots of time at the Compound enjoying the warmer spring weather.

 Lucy learned to fly.

We bought window boxes and filled them with flowers and herbs! A fun memory for me and Mary Ella.

Sam began learning to  drink from chew on a sippy cup. :)

We grieved with my aunt and uncle as they lost their home and all their belongings to a fire.  
And we rejoiced in Lord for His provision and protection over their family.

Other March tidbits...
Sam learned to roll over at 9 months old! Yay! He became more stubborn with his physical therapist.


April was quite a busy month for us.
We celebrated birthdays with friends and took advantage of everything spring has to offer! 

Mary Ella invited her friends over for a spring tea party...

Sam cut his first two teeth, learned to bear weight on his legs only holding my 2 fingers, and began working on his arm strength to get ready to crawl!

 We celebrated Easter (Sam's first!) 
Mary Ella was sweet to show Sam everything the Easter bunny brought...

We went to Grandaddy and MeMama's house to dye Easter eggs with the cousins...

Then had an Easter egg hunt!

Brooks, Sam, Mary Ella and Case

We learned about the Resurrection and why we celebrate Easter. Mary Ella got her first tattoo at the spring festival/egg hunt at her school.

I spent lots of days cuddling with this little nugget.

Other April highlights...
  • We decorated and re-decorated and RE-decorated our house. April must've been a good month for junkin. We fixed up our playroom, put carpet on our screen porch, and turned our laundry room into a laundry + office for me. 
  • I painted my entire house by myself. Said goodbye to the brights and hello to the neutrals. And I'm still lovin it.
  • Mary Ella potty trained! That was a big moment this month.
  • Chad and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.
  • We hit up lots of consignment sales for spring/summer clothes and got some great deals.
  • We hugged our loved ones a little tighter and thanked God for our homes as our state and much of the southeast was ravaged by deadly tornadoes.
  • We helped Daddy celebrate his 34th birthday!


Aunt Betsy got married! Probably our favorite weekend in May! The weather was perfect.


We had another minor scare with Lucy and that paw of hers. Luckily this time it was nothing Dr. Mary Ella couldn't fix in a jiffy.


He also began to work on crawling and pulling from a sit to a stand using a small wooden bench. 

Mary Ella finished up her second year of Mother's Day Out in the 2-year-old class. Such a big girl!

We spent lots of hot afternoons at the ballpark watching our cousin Brooks play baseball.

Our neighborhood pool opened and we took full advantage!

We spent Memorial Day weekend back at the Compound, and this time, Brooks and Case were able to come too! (And their Mama and Daddy!) We spent the entire weekend eating great food, enjoying time at the pool, crafting and chasing the littles around the farm! 





We celebrated Sam's first birthday! What a wonderful milestone.

Sam learned to make a pouty-lip face.

Sam rode the carousel for the first time. He did not like it and exercised the pouty lip with ease.

Mary Ella started taking ballet.

We celebrated our Daddy on Father's Day and everything he means to us. 
Chad took Mary Ella fishing on this day and she caught her first fish. 

We found Daddy a grill (on Craigslist!) for Father's Day and enjoyed lots of good cookin.

We also celebrated MeMama's birthday.

We tried to beat the heat by taking afternoon naps...

And eating lots and lots of popsicles.

 We got in the re-doing & organizing mood and turned Daddy's office into a craft room!

Mary Ella also organized her pantry. At 7am one morning.

Other June highlights...
  • I started designing blogs and making some extra money from home.
  • We discovered the blackberry vine in our backyard and enjoyed picking them.

We celebrated Mary Ella's 3rd birthday with a dog themed party.


We celebrated the 4th of July with friends at the lake.

Sam got his first at-home haircut and put on his first Bama polo shirt to celebrate. :)

He learned to belly slide on our wood floors, backwards.

We put up board and batten in our entryway... and then our playroom... and then our kitchen...
We got a little board and batten crazy.

Also in July...
  • We enjoyed trips to Waffle House, Ikea, a Barons baseball game.
  • We celebrated LOTS of birthdays: Charlie, Annsley, Mimi, Poppa, Bubba, Brooks, Uncle Chris and Courtney! Wow!
  • I became an addict. A Pinterest addict.
  • Sam had his second, and LAST, urology procedure! He did great.

  • Mary Ella discovered a way to help pass the time while in time-out. 

  • Mary Ella and I played Beauty Shop with Sam.

 And I rearranged Sam's room a bit.


We welcomed our niece and first cousin, Gracie!

We took our first vacation as a family of four to the beach! 


Sam rocked one tooth for the whole entire month. Yay.

And the best highlight from the month of August...
  • Being surprised with a positive pregnancy test! (Not sure if we would've considered this the "best highlight" back in August... but now we definitely consider it the best!)


The kids both started back to school. Sam in MDO and Mary Ella in 3K (at the same church.)

The first day of school proved to be a BIG day for Sam; he started crawling that night! (at 15 months)
It was such a blessing to walk in to his room and see a mess that HE created on his own!  :)

We soaked up some time at the park.

And spent a few afternoons at the Hope Lodge downtown with my grandfather Bubba; he stayed there while going through radiation treatments.

We spent Sunday afternoons at the ball field,
watching Daddy play football and enjoying time with our buddies.

We sent out a telegram to our families letting them in on the good (albeit surprising!) news.

We found this little nugget in our garage one night... it's mother had abandoned it... so we bottle fed it for a week, around the clock, and finally took it to a shelter.

A week after getting rid of it, we found 2 more kittens, from the same litter, in our garage.
We kept those for another week then finally got rid of them, too.
We are not cat people.


October always proves to be our busiest month of the year. Between fall festivals, football games and visits to see family, we barely have time to catch a breath. Even so, it's my favorite time of year.

We took an overnight trip to Atlanta with Daddy, where we ate at the Varsity, shopped at Ikea and the mall, and Mary Ella visited the American Girl Store.

We went to Punkin Day at Mars Hill and had so much fun!

I did LOTS of sewing and applique-ing while the kids were at school!

And we enjoyed the annual fall festival at Old Baker Farm!

We also dressed up for Halloween.

Other highlights from my favorite month...
  • Planning and attending Mary Ella's 3K fall class party. So much fun!
  • Stomach virus for both kids and a never-ending cold for me. (Not really a highlight, but oh well, it's life.)
  • Seeing the baby lion cubs at the zoo during feeding time.
  • Picking out the perfect pumpkins!
  • Celebrating lots of birthdays - Grandaddy Morgan, our cousins Brooks and Jack, and friends Addie Grace and Gage... oh, and Mommy!
  • Seeing Sam become more confident in his crawling and pulling up!
  • Mary Ella getting to pick cotton with Charlie and then again on her school field trip.


We went to the Alabama/LSU game with our friends and had such a great time, despite the loss! 
(Maybe we'll make up for it in a couple weeks!)
And I ran into Bethany!!!! Definitely a highlight.

We welcomed our sweet friend Sara's baby, Charlotte Anne! Such a beautiful, content baby girl.

We attended Mary Ella's first school program, as well as her Thanksgiving feast.

On Sundays, when we were in town and the weather was nice, we made it a habit of going straight from church to a drive thru and then to the park for a picnic! The kids loved this.

We celebrated Thanksgiving and counted our blessings with both sides of the family.

Other highlights from November:
  • Seeing the kids' faces light up at Disney on Ice.
  • Watching Sam learn to pull up on almost anything and cruise around the furniture.
  • Getting to see my Grandaddy Bubba on Thanksgiving, despite him not feeling well.
  • Helping MeMama and Grandaddy decorate their Christmas tree.
  • Finding out the gender of baby #3!


The most wonderful time of the year!
We had a fun-filled holiday season, one I don't want to forget.

Mary Ella hosted her first ornament swap...

Attended Mary Ella's Christmas program at her school, where she sang "Away in a Manger," "Hooray for Baby Jesus," and "Jump for Joy, Jump for Jesus" with her classmates.

And I'll spare you pictures of the rest, since these are very recent highlights, but we also...

Needless to say, we've had such a blessed year.
So grateful to the Lord for our material blessings, our healthy children, the little moments He gives me each day to confirm that I am exactly where He wants me to be... so, so, grateful for this precious time He has given me here with my children and my husband. And so thankful that His mercies are new every morning and that His grace is sufficient! I could not ask for anything more.

Blessing to you and yours in 2012!

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