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Our Thanksgiving week was a blessed one indeed.
We were able to spend lots of time with family enjoying good food and each other.

On Tuesday we attended the Thanksgiving Feast at Mary Ella's preschool. The children (K3 - K5) worked so hard this month to make this a special event for their families. They made all the decorations that lined the walls of the fellowship hall where we ate including the place mats and the place cards; Mary Ella's "I'm Thankful For" worksheet included her family, her doggie Lucy, her Dora movie, and her cookies. (Funny: On another sheet, she named Pepperonis, Ice cream scoops, Brooks and Case - her cousins). Sweet, funny girl. The kids also made their costumes for the program; the K3 kids were Indians and the older children were pilgrims. They sang songs of Thankfulness for all the parents and grandparents at the feast and they also sang "Hello Mr. Turkey" which is in the video below; Mary Ella was a bit more reserved than I thought she'd be; perhaps because there was a live audience? I don't know. But she did 'shake her tail feathers' towards the end. This was her first school program so I don't want to forget how special it was to her! She loved having her Dad there as well as MeMama and Ace. After the program we enjoyed a true Thanksgiving feast. The teachers, administrators and the pastor of her preschool's church served us our lunch, which I think was very special, even if the children didn't understand the meaning behind it. The food was excellent! Turkey and dressing, green beans, fresh rolls, corn and fruit.


Love this sweet picture of the kids praying.

After the program and feast we went home and napped. Then later that night we went to Grandaddy and MeMama's house to help decorate their tree. Mary Ella and Chad did most all of the work, with a little help from Sambo. Chad had lots of special ornaments and he enjoyed showing them all to Mary Ella and telling her the stories behind them. She helped him hang them on the tree and at the end we turned the lights on and ooooh'd and aaaaahhh'd at their handiwork! (And of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.)


We also had fun playing dress-up with Sam, using some of Chad's baby clothes. They were a wee bit snug and but overall Sam was a good sport about it.


My big boy needs a haircut, I know.

On Wednesday evening we headed to Florence to my parents' house. I had a bit of a fever virus that day (thankfully just fever and chills, no other symptoms) so I rested while everyone watched the kids Wednesday night.
Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, of course, and we started the day by watching the Thanksgiving parade and eating breakfast quiche and pigs-in-a-blanket. The guys went fishing while Mom and I watched the kids. Then Thursday night my dad's parents, Lanie and Bubba, came over, along with my brother and sister and their families, to eat the Thanksgiving meal! My grandmother made the turkey and dressing, and my brother-in-law Chris smoked our turkey breast in his Green Egg. It was delicious! Mom made all the fixins, including sweet potato casserole, wild rice with pears and walnuts, broccoli salad, cranberry pecan jello, broccoli cheese casserole, her crunchy green beans, and a pumpkin cheesecake. Yum. Lanie also brought her pecan pies which are always a hit, and Dad made his famous 'boiled custard' which he ended up throwing away, saying it was "Diet Custard" and that his recipe was a flop because it didn't call for enough sugar. We all thought it was plenty sweet but we got a good laugh out of him.


Mom's dining room was colorful and welcoming and we ate and ate until we couldn't eat any more.


It was a blessing to get to spend time with my grandparents. I was especially thankful that Bubba was feeling well enough to come out to the house and eat with us. They have been through a lot in the past few months and Bubba is still battling stage 4 liver cancer, so please keep them in your prayers.


Here they are with their 3 great-grandkids!


We chose to steer clear of the Black Friday madness and instead stayed home. Although reading the Facebook news feed made me feel as if I were really there; I think I was claustrophobic and near an anxiety attack just from reading people's statuses. Props to those of you who find good enough deals to make shopping all night long worth it. And props to myself for not having to deal with all that and finishing my Christmas shopping weeks ago. Whew!

And to top off the week, we came home Saturday and enjoyed Thanksgiving lunch with Chad's side of the family. Grandaddy deep fried the turkey this year and used the Neely's recipe, and let me tell you - best turkey ever! I could've kept eating and eating! It was so flavorful and super moist. I think frying is the way to go. The weather allowed us to enjoy lunch on the back porch and it was perfect in every way. Afterwards we watched the Iron Bowl (Roll Tide!) and threw some football in the front yard. I took some photos for our Christmas card and the kids had fun playing with their cousins. All in all it was such a wonderful holiday! It'll be difficult to get back into our routine tomorrow, but such is life. Chad was sweet to get out in the rain today and get our grocery shopping done, so I'm set for this week's dinner plan, which is helping me to breathe a little easier knowing I won't have to get out in the FREEZING COLD weather that is apparently coming our way! I'll be sharing some recipes this week so check back soon! Hope everyone had a blessed holiday.

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