Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I need a good title for these posts.

I really need to empty my phone more often, if for no other reason than to document the pictures and videos on my blog, for my memory's sake. I'm thankful, so so thankful, for my phone. I know that all the technology/new websites/etc can definitely be a hinderance or distraction at times, but there are so many moments in our everyday lives that simply would not be recorded if I did not have my phone. Take, for instance, Sam's very first bout with hiccups, at 18 hours old. I was hooked up to an IV and a catheter at the moment so getting out my big camera or video camera was not an option. My husband was out of the hospital room so it was just me and my sweet baby boy. And I have it on video. I love that.
I read on a blog somewhere, a long time ago, (and I am sorry but I can't remember where I read this!) to not worry about blogging every major event, and to just simply blog MOMENTS. Because if you get caught up on events (say, a birthday party or a major holiday) and you haven't uploaded your pictures or just don't have time to write about it, you feel like you'll never, ever blog again because you haven't blogged that one event. But you know what? It's ok if you never blog that event! Moments are what matter most, and although these pictures don't have the best quality, there's a whole lot of quantity behind them, and I want to appreciate all the everyday moments that make up our everyday blessings around here.

I'm going to try to make it a habit to do an iPhone post every couple weeks so that I get all these things recorded! I need a title for these posts. Please help me come up with one! I'd greatly appreciate it. Here goes...

Just a typical day eating lunch. 
In her pajama top and some rain boots. 

We found this Kermit keyboard on our last junkin trip. My brother got this same toy from Santa when we were itty bitty and I swear this is the toy that helped me learn all the notes on the piano before I even began taking lessons. I loved it.
(Unfortunately we didn't buy it; nor did we buy anything that night because Mary Ella ended up throwing up all over the junkin floor. Yep, that's right.)

All I'm gonna say is, 
My friend Sara gave birth to this heavenly angel, and I can honestly say she's the

This is an ornament on Chad's parents' tree. It is Chad with his older brother Jason.
I think it looks so much like Sam. Especially the long hair.

We made the infamous Pinterest green smoothie for breakfast one day last week.
Spinach, banana, frozen mango and orange juice. It was really good!
Even my picky, "I only need one meal a day and its fine if that meal is candy corn" toddler agreed.

Sam, at my parents' house for Thanksgiving.
I love him. And his teeth. And his hair.

Sam in the car, trying out the headphones for the first time.

Tried to take them off, only to realize he could not hear the movie anymore.

So he put them back on as best he could. Bless.

My brother in law, Jason, dressed to a T for the Iron Bowl. Love.

And Chad Van Dam, with his small mouth bass from last weekend.

Afternoon milk-n-movie time for the kiddos.

Which turned into 'dress up time' for Queen Mary Ella. This girl is a character, to say the least!
Never a dull moment. I mean, never.

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Jamie Grizzle said...

You are so right about blogging about moments and not big events. I get crippled with my blog because I don't do that big stuff all the time! Plus, I LOVE your blog - and that is exactly what yours is about. The everyday stuff. I need to remember that!

A said...

I agree! Need to take your advice!!

How about...

A Day in the Life
Morgan Moments
Giggles & Glimpses

Anna Sue Moss said...

Charlotte loves her Aunt Haley!

jessica said...

Love these posts! Phone Dumps (as a title) just doesn't seem to do it justice. I agree about blogging about the little moments. Those are what make life so sweet. Love your blog!

awildpreciouslife said...

I do a Friday Phone Dump...not every Friday, but I need to start!

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