Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Almost halfway.

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and thought I'd give a little update since I am well into my second trimester and feeling so much better.

-I have lots more energy now; although that term is relative; with 2 small kids, one still not entirely 'mobile' (as in walking), my energy level can definitely vary on certain days!
-My tummy is measuring right at 18 weeks; my ultrasounds are measuring a couple days ahead but the due date is still the same (April 14th, the day after Chad's birthday!)
-My cravings have been sour candy (Sour Patch Kids, sour Skittles, sour worms, etc), salads with ranch and chow mein noodles and dill pickles on them (weird!), Dr. Pepper 10, Dill Pickle or Salt n Vinegar potato chips, salsa verde from Moe's, and steak (an expensive craving; maybe I'm low on iron?)
-Symptoms include heartburn (yes, already!) which is worse when I drink cold water or cold Propel, and tossing and turning at night. I also have restless leg syndrome in my right leg, which I had with both pregnancies before. Thankfully the RLS doesn't affect me every single night or during the day. I've also had some incisional pain (well, inside my incision) which is apparently the normal scar tissue from my 2 precious c-sections and the pain is caused by my uterus and that scar tissue stretching out to make room for baby.
-Funny: One day Mary Ella woke up from a nap and the first thing she said to me was, "Mom. I don't want you to have a girl or a boy baby. I want you to have a robot baby." She was dead serious, too.
-The heart rate has been consistently 150, right on the dot, at every single appointment. Hmm. Now that I think about it, maybe it is a robot  :)

Here's the pregnancy survey I always post:

Total Weight Gained so far: Around 10 pounds! Agh!
Favorite Maternity Clothes: Old Navy skinny jeans, Old navy yoga pants
Sleeping Well? Not too well! Can't sleep on my back or stomach anymore and my restless right leg gives me fits 3-4 nights a week.
Best Moment of the Week: Our BIG ultrasound and seeing our healthy baby
Movement: Felt the baby move Saturday night for the first time
What I Miss? just my regular clothes, I guess
What I Look Forward To? Surprising our family with the gender and name of our new baby in April; can't wait for that moment!
Weekly Wisdom: Although your energy level comes back in the second trimester, you can never beat a good ol' afternoon nap.

Yes, I did have my 18 week appointment this week and wellllll, here is baby Morgan #3! Not the greatest picture, compared to others that I've gotten at my 'big ultrasounds' but knowing me, I'll have plenty more ultrasounds to get better photos.

And the gender?
Well, that will have to be a surprise!

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