Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was the best ever this year! I love having a 3-year-old, and those of you that do know exactly what I mean! They are at the perfect age for all this stuff. Mary Ella loved dressing up, loved trick-or-treating, and loved handing out candy to all the kids who stopped by our house! It was perfect.

She went as the infamous Cruella De Vil...

And brother Sam was her sweet little dalmatian...

Dalmatian Sam was none too thrilled about not being able to walk up to the houses to get him some candy. Next year, Sambo!

My nephews came over to our neighborhood to trick or treat with us. Here they are, Case (left) as Optimus Prime (sp?) and Brooks as a clone trooper. The 2011 clone trooper, to be exact.

You can see them in the background of this picture, but our street always has a chili supper/block party on Halloween! We get pictures of all the kiddos and eat before all going trick or treating together.

We tried to get as much candy as we could before the sun went down, but man it went down fast! And it got COLD in a hurry! We had a lot of fun though and the neighbors loved the costumes.

 This was one of our last houses. Miss Cruella was nearly dragging her bucket at this point.

By the end of the night she was worn out! 

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween night! 
Enjoy your candy while it lasts!
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