Monday, October 31, 2011

More Fall Fun!

A few pictures of other things we've been up to lately. These will not be in order!

Last week was Mary Ella's fall party at school. I'm excited to be one of the room mothers this year and it was fun to get to plan the party for her little classmates.
Most of the kids wore costumes; since Mary Ella's costume this year is a little more involved, I decided to just dress her in some Halloween-themed clothes instead. Would you believe this is one of the first shirts my mom ever appliqued? It's still in near perfect condition, with the original bow and all. (If you can't tell, it's a black cat peeking out of a jack-o-lantern!) I paired it with her Walmart pajama pants (yep, pj's!) that looked enough like leggings, and we gave her a kitty face too.
Oh, and pigtails! She's been digging the pigtails lately.
Anyway, she was super excited about the party and the fact that Mommy would be coming into her classroom.

We were pretty simple with this party; balloons, chicken nuggets and chocolate cupcakes are enough to make any kid happy! I went with the owl cupcake idea (found on Pinterest, except mine are different; I used white candy melts and brown M&M's instead of Oreos for the eyes and added some 'wings' with Nutter Butter halves.) I also made some Ritz cracker 'spiders' that I found on Pinterest. 

We set up the room while the kids went upstairs for music
and they were so excited when they came back!
Here are a few of them saying the blessing before the party. They were all so sweet.

A couple weekends ago I was able to spend an evening here in Birmingham with ALL FIVE of my high school best friends, our better halves, and some of our KIDS! My, how our get togethers have changed! (Mary Beth is missing from this picture because she was preparing for her daughter Addie Grace's first birthday party, which I'll blog about below.) We were celebrating my friend Leslie's engagement and our hostess Ashley's move to Birmingham! Now if we could just get Katie up here we'd have a full house. I'm learning more and more what a treasure it is to still be best friends with my high school girlfriends. It's pretty rare, actually, from what I gather. And although we say 'high school girlfriends' because it's just easier to say, we've actually all known each other since we were babies; same churches and schools, for the most part. So I'm sure we are an extremely rare breed. But I love it. There's nothing like it. And it's so fun when we all get back together. There is so much history there, so many inside jokes, and now so much more to laugh at with our little munchkins taking over the world. I love these girls.

(From L to R: Ashley, Lauren, Leslie, me, Katie and baby Mason)

The next morning we headed out to Leeds to celebrate Mary Beth's baby girl Addie Grace at her Halloween/Owl-themed 1st birthday party! Isn't she precious?

Brooke (Lauren's little girl, 18 months) wore the infamous peacock costume that Mary Ella donned 2 years ago and everyone had a fit over her! This costume is a winner, for sure.

Mary Ella chose to be a ballerina/tap dancer for the party.

And Sambo wore his official costume for this year. Love this little dalmatian.

Mary Ella's favorite thing at the party was the craft table. They made little Indians and pilgrims.
On the way home Mary Ella asked if she could have an Indian craft table at her next birthday party. 
If anyone has any ideas on how I can incorporate the Indians and pilgrims 
into a July birthday party, let me know. :)

By the end, Sambo was tuckered out and ready for a nap. 

So we did just that! Went home, took naps, and then it was time for yet another birthday party. This time the celebration was right across the street, for baby Gage, also turning one! His party was monkey themed so we wore our monkey suits.

Jamie did such a great job with his monkey party! 
You can read more about it and see more pictures over on her blog.

Then on Sunday we were able to go to Old Baker Farm in Harpersville for their annual fall festival. We went on a whim, not knowing anything about it, and we wished we had planned to spend more time there. It was absolutely beautiful! The weather was perfect and there was so much to enjoy, including hayrides, a cotton bounce, mini pedal tractors, face painting, farm animals, pony rides, a Civil War reenactment, live music and great food!

We ate BBQ pulled pork with all the fixins' as well as some roasted corn on the cob, which was smothered in butter and no doubt our favorite food that day!

Mary Ella decided to get her face painted. Notice her finger here, telling the girl exactly what to do, how to do it, and what colors to do it in; of course.

She chose a rainbow and enjoyed showing it off.

They also had a barn with some farm animals which is always a hit for my kids.

We had our wagon in the back of the car because we knew we were going to Daddy's football game later that afternoon, and boy were we glad to have it! We will never go back without it, that's for sure. 

The farm had tractor-pulled hayrides that took you out to a huge pumpkin patch. "Tractor" is one of Sam's newest words so he kept saying it to Chad on the way out to the patch. It was so sweet!


There were pumpkins as far as our eyes could see, in all shapes, colors and sizes.
We picked out 3 of them and headed back to the farm.

When we left the pumpkin patch we went to the football field to watch Daddy play.
Here is Sam, watching his sister make 'dirt angels' in the distance. And no doubt wondering why.

And here is Sam's new trick. Tah-dah! 
Whenever he does this for a few seconds, he'll sit back on his bottom clap for himself.

Sweet picture of Daddy and his worn-out kiddos!

Overall it's been a fun filled couple of weeks! We are looking forward to trick or treating tonight!
Hope everyone has a great week.

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Beth said...

I have a group of 6 girlfriends from childhood too (we all went to K-12 together)! Four of us are still in Nashville with the other two just two hours away. We have get togethers as often as we can...slumber parties, weekends away, and an ornament swap are a few of our yearly shindigs! Three of us still go to church together and had kids within weeks of each other, so we hope they will be best buds too! Isn't it so special and neat to have best friends that have known you all your life? We are VERY rare for sure!

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