Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today was a GREAT day. 
I mean, really great. 

First of all, it was the first day of school for both my kiddos! 
(And by the way, my husband was out of town this week and I'd left my camera in his car, so these photos are ALL taken by the iPhone or iPad. Excuse the poor quality.)

Mary Ella will go Tuesdays & Thursdays again and Sam will go only on Thursdays.
I was so glad last week when I learned they had a spot open for him; our pediatrician had mentioned possibly enrolling him in a Mothers Day Out program to motivate him to 'catch up' on his motor skills, by watching other children his age. 

Last night, they were less than thrilled when I told them they'd be spending 4 hours away from mommy the next day...

But they were all smiles at breakfast.
Don't worry, we did tame the fro and the mohawk before sending them to their classrooms.

And because I'm sentimental, their backpacks and lunchboxes, all lined up on the kitchen counter, ready to go.

 (Mary Ella's bag is a $4 Wal Mart canvas tote; Mom appliqued it and added ribbon to the top and to the handles. And her lunch box is actually an Igloo brand lunch box that I found at Ross for $3.49 on clearance. I covered the rubber Igloo label with a circle and an "M" applique. Sam's bag is by Mom, of course. And his lunch box by Stephen Joseph.)

My afro-headed oatmeal eater.

And my banana-lovin' mohawk man.

And here she is on the porch in her new outfit. I love this fabric! Found it at JoAnn. 
Perfect for school days. 

 Shirt is Walmart, and I appliqued it; 
I tried to copy an applique I saw on Pinterest. 
'Tried' being the key word.

When the kids reach K3 you no longer get to walk them into their classrooms. This was in the carpool line. I was a nervous wreck but she was ready to go.

I was more nervous for this little dude, though, than I was for Mary Ella.
We all know he's a mama's boy.
And he loves his morning naps.
And his mama.
Did I mention that already?
I was nervous to leave him.
But I got this picture in a text from his teacher about halfway through the day.
He was having a great time!

When I picked them up this afternoon, they were all smiles.
Sam saw me, pointed at me and said "I DOOOO!" (his favorite and most common thing to say.)

Mary Ella was equally excited and looked worn out when I picked her up. She was playing HARD on that playground. (I watched her for about 20 minutes from the carpool line.) She loved school and had nothing but great things to say.

We came home and rested up and went for a walk with Jamie and Gage, and then Chad came home with pizza and strawberry cake from Joe's Italian, which we will NEVER turn down. We'll never turn down Daddy being home for dinner either - he'd been out of town this week so we were glad to see him. 

After dinner we were all sitting around and Chad and I were talking about how Sam's 15 month check-up went yesterday and what the doctor said. I told Chad how Dr. A thought MDO would be a great motivator for Sam, since the kids would be his age and younger and would be moving and grooving. 

And then, the heavens opened up and the angels began to sing we looked up and saw this:

Yes, folks, you saw it here first.

And then I took him to his room so he could crawl in his own room. Because I'm sentimental like that, you know.

And, because no blog post is a good blog post without a little nudity, here's his first crawl in the nude. 

Now, I realize that for most parents, crawling equals headaches, more work, more 'watching,' the installation of those horrendous looking baby gates and baby proofing everything else in the house, but for us this is HUGE! Sam has been behind on his gross motor skills since he was an infant; he's been sitting up since 8 months, but hasn't had the motivation/strength to do anything BUT sit up since that age. Imagine only being able to sit in one spot for over half a year and only be able to play with whatever was within arm's reach! Oh this is such a great milestone for him, and we are beyond excited. Guess his first day of school really did prove to be a success, in more ways than one. 

Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing! Yay Sambo!
We are SO PROUD of you!

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Beth said...

What a sweet post! My E was late in her verbal skills. She was all over the place like a squirrel on speed, but didn't say a word (no matter how much people tell you she will be fine, you still worry). But, when she finally did....she hasn't stopped! I bet he will be walking before you know it!

Kristy said...

This made my day, Haley Morgan! Yay, Sam! I know it does your momma heart good. Thank you, God, for this milestone and the many to come...

The Pilston's said...

Great job Sam!

Cheryl N said...


This is long but you must know: Andy was also slow to sit, crawl, walk, talk etc. He had a sister like Mary Ella (very verbal, VERY ACTIVE) who interpreted his grunts, talked for him and gave him everything before he could ask or reach for it. She entertained him CONTINUALLY. Andy had no reason to do anything.... Even when he began using better verbal and more advanced motor skills, he continued to watch and assess situations. Later, when asked to do something or offered rewards, he would think first, then look at me and say our favorite Andy quote... "It's not Woof it." But, he turned out brillant. So, hold on, good things will come for Sam too.

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