Sunday, September 25, 2011

The good news.

First of all, thanks to everyone for your emails, FB messages and comments about the pregnancy. We are truly very excited and know that this is a gift from God - a very unexpected gift, but hey, we love surprises! We'll take it!

We told our parents and our family via the telegram you saw in the previous post. We figured since it was such a surprise to us, and since we've told them about the last 2 pregnancies in person, then why not really surprise them by letting them find out through snail mail. It was so much fun last Friday and Saturday to have my phone ringing every few minutes with someone else in my family who'd gotten the news from their mailbox! They were so excited. And it meant the world to us to hear everyone's congratulations over the phone. I come from a huge family, so of course they were all thrilled and will gladly welcome another grandchild into the mix.

As for details...
I am due April 14th, 2012. This is the day after Chad's birthday!
I am 11 weeks pregnant and have just now started to feel 'back to normal.'
Weeks 7-10 were quite terrible, although 'terrible' is a relative term; there are so many who have it worse than I do during the first trimester, and so I try to look on the bright side. I battle severe exhaustion and horrible nausea, but I do not throw up and rarely ever have to run to the bathroom, so I consider myself lucky. But I don't think anyone would disagree when I say that no matter who you are, the first trimester is generally not nice to you and you are more than ready to get back to your normal self!
I do not battle morning sickness, either, which I guess is a blessing when you have kids; rather, my sickness would hit around late afternoon every day and would last through the night. I probably drank 6 gallons of Ginger Ale during that 4 week period! It seemed to be the only thing that would help (even with meds.) But at least Chad was home when I was feeling icky and he could help with the kids if I needed to lay down or go to bed early.

As for any kind of 'hunch' as to the gender, I have none. And even if I did, I would be wrong. I'm always wrong on those type things. But for those that are superstitious, I was definitely nauseous with Sam (rarely had any bad days with Mary Ella) and the baby's heart rate on ultrasound was in the low 150's. (Which would make me think BOY, but Mary Ella's heart rate was 158 and Sam's was 170 on first ultrasound, so who knows!) Of course, we are praying for a healthy baby and since we have one of each we may not even find out - who knows.

As for cravings, just for my record: loaded baked potatoes (which was a common denominator in both previous pregnancies and seemed to be the only thing I could eat or even wanted when feeling nauseous) and, as of late, any kind of ice sorbet. Our Yogurt Mountain up the street has had pink lemonade sorbet for the last few weeks and I might have had it 13 times already. Yikes. Oh well, at least it's not chocolate ice cream with a mountain of toppings, right?? I haven't been sensitive to any types of foods this time, which is odd; usually I despise Mexican food during my first trimester, but I've been able to hang in there and eat it this time without feeling like I was going to puke. Which makes my husband happy!

I was able to see my little baby on ultrasound a couple weeks ago to confirm the due date, and things seem to be progressing normally so far. Prayers are appreciated for a healthy pregnancy and an easy transition! Thanks so much again for all your sweet comments.

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Melissa said...

yay! Congrats!!!

Jamie B. said...

So excited for y'all! I love the telegram idea! How fun to have your family get the news that way! I can only imagine how excited they were to know they get a THIRD sweet Morgan baby to love!

Natalie A. Bahakel said...


Shelley said...

Haley! I just saw your blog post! Congrats! I think it is wonderful news! You are a great mom!

IVF Again! said...

Congrats! What a WONDERFUL surprise! I am so excited for us. We will both have THREE children in the spring. :) :) :)

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