Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pinterest Week: DIY Wall Art

Two projects for today.
Involving burlap and wood.
And paint.
Three of my favorites.

There's a lot you can do with burlap. A whole lot. Basically, if you type the word "burlap" in your Pinterest search box, you'll get a neverending list of projects. 

It's cheap, it's versatile, and can be used almost anywhere, for almost any purpose. 
It'll also match just about any room. 
My project is super, super, super simple. 
It will take you, like, 5 minutes, and will cost you, like, 5 dollars.

Ok, so here you go.

canvas (I used an 8x10)
burlap (just enough to cover your canvas + 2 extra inches on all sides)
black acrylic paint
hot glue or stapler or staple gun or duct tape, whatever you have on hand

Spread your burlap out. Lay your canvas, white side down, on top of your burlap.
One side at a time, wrap the burlap around your canvas edges, 
and hot glue/staple/duct tape it down. I used hot glue. But be aware that burlap has HOLES in it, people. 
And inherent holes in your fabric = inherent burnt flesh, if you use a glue gun. 
But the finished result is cute and worth the pain. Ok, maybe not.

Then, take your paint. You can paint anything you want; initials, numbers, your last name, silhouettes, or just a random word that suits your family or your particular room or mood. 
I painted our last name, then included the "est. 2007" to represent the year we were married.
You don't need a stencil, but you can certainly use one if you want. 
To make sure it's centered, I'd suggest determining the middle letter or your word, and placing that letter smack dab in the center of your canvas, then paint outward from there. Or you could practice on a piece of paper first. But you really can't mess this up; it's a rustic-looking home made project, and people will know you didn't buy it from a store; that's the whole point: 
these type projects will turn your house into a home. 

And next, this:

I never went to their linked up page, so I don't know how they did their project, but just by looking at the picture, I think they probably had 3 boards placed together, painted and then stenciled.
I wanted this same thing but didn't have stencils and didn't feel like having lumber cut.
What I did have was leftover "chair rail" wood from my board and batten project.
And a canvas. 
And spray paint.
So I thought, "I'll try that."
And it definitely looks more home made than theirs, but as I said before, I like it that way. 
I'm not a huge fan of the stenciled letters; but by all means, if that is your style, go that route! It'll still look great, probably way better.

16x20 canvas
lattice strips 
(or larger sized thin wood panels, if you happen to already have them.)
glue gun
hand saw (or have them cut it at the store)
spray paint
acrylic paint

I got 5 of my horizontal wood pieces and a blank 16x20 canvas that I had in my craft room.
If I were doing this from scratch and didn't have the wood already,
I'd go to Lowe's and get a 12-foot wooden lattice strip; you can buy these for about $8, sometimes cheaper. They'll be in the lumber section, where all the strips of wood are, and they are usually standing straight up. They are about 1.5 inches in width, and I think with this project the thinner strips would be really cute; then for the text, you could write one line per strip.

Anywho, once you get your wood, have them cut it into 16-inch pieces (or you can cut it at home, super easy.) Hot glue your strips horizontally onto the front of your canvas, like so, stacking them one on top of the other. Only use the glue on the edges of the canvas, where the wood backing is. 

Then, spray paint. I used dark brown spray paint first, and sprayed a very sporadic and light coat. 
Then I went over the brown with a turquoise colored spray paint, and kind of painted, then wiped, painted, then wiped, to make it have that aged look. 

After your spray paint is dry, you're ready to paint your text. I chose to do white because I knew it'd show up the best on my darker colored wood panels.
Now, you will probably mess up on this part. I messed up like 40 bajillion times. I'd paint the letters too big, then run out of room, then I'd have to wipe it off with a paper towel and start again on that particular line; and this IS PERFECTLY OK! In fact, it'll give your wood even more of an aged and distressed look. So give yourself a break if you keep messing up the text. Take it one line at a time. You can use a pencil first, and that will help make sure you get it right; however, wiping off paint with a paper towel is a lot easier, to me, than erasing pencil marks, so if you use a pencil be sure you write it right the first time! Got it people?? Ok! Ready-set-go!

And by the way, if you are doing ANY of these projects at home, please let me hear about it! And I'll post about you and your project on this blog. I'd love to see some of your crafts and skills. (And how you improve upon my ghetto-freehanded methods! Ha!) 

Or if you've done other Pinterest projects at home that you want me to share, let me know that too!
Just shoot me an email at Be sure to include the pictures! 

Yay! Happy Wednesday.
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