Monday, August 1, 2011

Pinterest Week: DIY Silhouettes

Silhouettes have been all the rage for months now. I definitely wanted to try this and so I found a few tutorials online and played around until I came up with my own easier method. So here goes it.

You'll need:
1. camera
2. computer
3. plain white typing paper (or you could probably use wax paper or parchment paper, just nothing thicker than typing paper)
4. a pencil
5. card stock in black and white (or off white/cream/whatever color you want your background to be.) You'll need 2 sheets in each color; buy more in case you have to start over.
6. frames of your choice

First, all you need to do is put on a TV show for your kids that will make them sit still.
Sit them in front of a solid background, if you can. Like, in a chair by your wall. Or by a door. (This just makes it easier to get the outline right, rather than having a 'busy' background.) It's best if they have don't have on bulky collars or giant hairbows, as this will affect your silhouettes. ( I ended up doing Mary Ella's over again after this shot, because I had her hair pulled back and it created that 'hump' on her head.)

Second step: take a picture of their profile while they're sitting still. You can use the flash for this, or not. Just snap a photo. Make sure they're looking straight ahead. If the TV show is good enough, this won't be a problem. (I would recommend something horribly annoying like Yo Gabba Gabba or FreshBeat Band. Works every time.)

Then, load your pictures onto your computer.

Bring up your first photo so that it's the only one showing. If you have any sort of editing program, you can edit it and adjust the contrast and the exposure and the sharpness until you have a clear, definitive silhouette outline, like I did for Sam's. But this is only optional; it'll work fine just leaving the photo as is.

Then, tape a piece of typing paper to your screen, over the picture. Trace around their profile with a pencil. (**keep in mind your frame size; if you have super large frames, your computer screen might not be big enough to trace large silhouettes; I did smaller silhouettes, probably 4 inches high, to fit in my frames with the circular mattes. So before you trace, make sure your traced silhouette will be appropriate for your size frame. make sense?**)

Cut out your traced outline, and then trace that outline onto your black card stock.

Cut out your outline, then glue your black silhouette onto your white/cream colored background paper.

Cut your background paper to size, frame it, and there you go! Your own silhouettes!

These look great on a gallery wall -

Check back tomorrow for project numero dos!

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