Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pinterest Week: DIY Chevron Print Rug and GIVEAWAY!

Chevron prints.
I love them.
And apparently, so does everyone else.
Today we're making a chevron print rug, folks.

The one above is from TheHouseofSmiths blog, and she used regular paint and foam paint brushes; she cut her chevron stripes out of one of those Cricut/silhouette stenciling machines. Which I don't have. 
So here's how you can make a chevron-print rug for your own home without hand-painting and without having to use a stenciling machine.
First off, you'll need a rug.

I bought this baby at Target for $6.48; it had been marked down from $12.99. 
It's a jute fiber rug with a navy blue border.
It's a 23 inch x 40 inch, so perfect for a kitchen, doorway, or in front of a table.

Here's what you'll need:

painter's tape
2 cans of spray paint 
(one color for the background, one color for the stripes)
*you can always leave the background the way it is, too*


1. First, lay your rug on a flat surface; use a drop cloth to protect your floors.

2. Tape off the edges first; this doesn't have to be perfecto. Just tape them off the best you can, allowing some excess on the ends so that your rug stays secure on the ground.

3. Get your background color and spray paint the main surface of the rug. I chose a muted yellow/gold for this rug; on the first one I did, I chose a kelly green. This will only take a quick coat, though you can reapply if you want to. If you choose the yellow, it won't take much at all because the rug fibers are in the same color family. (I use Valspar spray paint; unfortunately they don't name their colors, or they aren't on the bottles, at least, which is kind of frustrating to me.)

4. Next, you'll get out your painter's tape again and cut a small strip. (Use scissors, don't tear; you'll need straight edges for this part.) My strips were around 4 inches in length. You will begin making your stripe pattern with the painter's tape.

5. Lay down one strip at a time; make sure that the point is pointing straight up to the other end of the rug; then add a second piece, which will overlap the first one at the point just a bit. It will help to get some sort of straight edge, like a yard stick or level or just a piece of wood, and place it at the top of your first point, making sure it is level with the fibers of the rug, so that all of your chevron stripes are the same height.

6. Next you'll do a second stripe with more strips of tape. You'll want to make sure you position the second stripe as close to parallel to the first stripe as you can possibly get it. Make sure the points line up, and use your straight edge again to make sure your points are at the same height. You''ll also want to note that you want ALL your stripes to be the same width; so your 'blank' stripe will be the same width as your painted stripes; make sense? Each stripe will be the same width as your tape. 

7. Now, you can either go ahead and cover your entire rug with painter's tape stripes, or, you can spray paint your first two stripes, then let them dry, then move your tape up, and so on. It will take you a while to make that many chevron stripes with tape, so I'd recommend painting, letting the paint/tape dry, then moving your strips up; you can go about your day, do laundry, keep your kiddos entertained, etc, and go outside and move your strips/paint a couple more stripes throughout your day and you'll be done by the evening. It takes about 10-15 minutes for your paint and tape to completely dry. If you try to move the tape while it's still wet, it'll most likely come apart and smear, and you won't be able to get it positioned exactly right. So just be patient and wait for drying between moving stripes and painting.
(In the second picture below, the tape was still wet. not good. See how it gets all soggy and wrinkly if you don't wait on it to dry?)

Once you're all done, your rug will look like this:

(now, you'll notice this first one I did has some minor imperfections; I used acrylic instead of spray paint and it not only took FOREVER but also proved to be not as durable.)

And here's the really great news! 
I went back to Target the other day, and they had 3 more of these rugs; and guess what?
They were marked down even more!

So today, one lucky commenter will get their OWN chevron-print rug, courtesy of yours truly.
You can even pick out your own stripe colors. Or if you want the one I started today, you can have it. (It'll be yellow/gold-ish on the inside with navy stripes to match the navy border.)

My blog is now set to where anyone can comment; so even if you don't have a google account, you can comment anonymously and make sure you leave your name so I know who you are!
On Sunday, I'll use the random number generator to find a winner! So comment away, people!

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Wendy said...

You know I want one!!! Gotta have one!!! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Haley, this rug is adorable! You are SO creative and give me so much motivation to do my own projects. Hope you and your cute family are doing well!! *Megan Stinson*

Anonymous said...

I love Chevron print right now, too! I just picked up some Chevron print fabric for throw pillows! LOVE them! Oh and I would LOVE one of these rugs! You always have such GREAT ideas! Love reading your blog! Lindsey Thomas

Anonymous said...

I want one....I love all of your craft ideas and especially love trying out your recipes.


The Pilston's said...

Love the blog, love the rug, love your precious family!

Meredith said...

While I enjoy your craftiness, it also makes me wanna smack you :):)Kidding, sort of :) Keep em coming!

Heather said...

I'd love to have one! :)

juslittlefaith said...

I Love all your cute crafts!! You seem so fun! :) I have worked with your mom and know a lot more about you than you know about me! haha! I hope I win your rug!

AmyandAndrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Love,love,love! Amy Arrant

jessica said...

Ooh! I would LOVE to win this! It's adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love this rug Haley! You did a fantastic job! You are so crafty! Thank you so much for putting this stuff on your blog so that noncrafty people like me can try to become crafty!! :) Julie Lane

V.Wade said...

Love it! I'm obsessed with pinterest too! I'll Probably be repining this!:) would love to have one!

Anonymous said...

I'm feelin' lucky!!!! I would love to have one!!

Holly Booth

Anonymous said...

Oh Haley... I love your blog! I feel like we would be bff if you lived in Florence. I just re-did my dining room this week with 6 cans of spray paint (black and turquoise of course) and $5.24 curtain rods from target and was actually contemplating painting my 8x10 rug under my table?!? I also love cooking and doing crafty stuff with my crazy kiddos and the list goes on...
Anyway - thanks again for the super cute blog - keep it up!
Rebecca Hamm

Kristy said...

Pick me! :)

Ashley B said...

Hope I am not too late to enter.

Bryce's Mommy said...

Love it Haley!!

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