Monday, August 29, 2011

Beach: Part 1

It was wonderful. And beautiful.


These two were also pretty wonderful. We had some moments - as expected - but for the most part, they were super kids and we loved experiencing the beach and sand and ocean with them.


My twins also enjoyed the trip. Oh, you didn't know I had twins? One's a little taller than the other, that's all.


Don't you love Sambo's crooked underbite? It might be my favorite thing about him.

Speaking of Sam, he's developed quite the... ummm... personality. He's learned to scream at the top of his lungs in an angry, I'm-so-mad-I-could-spit-on-you sort of way. Most kids scream, I know that. But Sam, if you know him, has never been a particularly loud child. Even his cries sound extremely muted and high pitched. But now? Ohhhh no. Watch out. He's somehow been taught how to pitch a pretty good fit. Along with screaming, dramatic flailing and kicking, and face-down-on-the-ground pout-fests. Exhibit A:

Classic photo.

For some reason this reminds me so much of Shirley Temple. She was no doubt explaining to us all the reasons we should invest in a pet hermit crab. (We didn't.)

Before we left for the beach, my kids have what I am pretty sure was Fifth Disease; a virus that causes low-grade fever and eventually a rash. I also got the virus, but only the aches/fever/chills part and not the rash. It was pretty miserable but thankfully only lasted a couple days. But my kids were a little polka-dotted on our first few days at the beach. As you probably read on Facebook, we were almost kicked out of Island Pancake House because Sam, my INFANT, did not have on shoes. That is just a crazy story in itself. But when they were looking at us like we were the scum of the earth, I seriously thought they were gonna say something like, "Um, do your kids have leprosy? Cause we don't allow that here." Because they really were soooo rashy. But no, instead, after they whispered among themselves, they inquired as to whether my son had SHOES. We were obviously carrying him, because he doesn't walk. After telling them no, they told us we would have to hold him. I immediately said NO and began to walk out, because I ain't holdin' no 24-pound baby while trying to eat my French toast. But I guess they were too afraid to lose business, so they said, "Oh... well... he will just have to sit in the high chair." Ummm, ok. Thanks. (Like, where did they THINK he was going to sit? Or did they think we were going to let him run around and put his feet in all their customers' pancakes??) I was seriously about to say, "Look, my kids have CHICKEN POX and you're worried about whether I brought his CROCS or NOT!?!" But I refrained. And I'm glad I did. Because the pancakes were pretty doggone good. But we won't be going back. (It's funny because Sea n Suds is right down the way, and their sign out front says "Cover Up Required." You ain't gotta have on shoes OR a shirt, but if you got on a cover-up, you're good.) Crazy crazy crazy.

Anyway, you can kinda see the spots on her face here. They covered her entire body. She didn't let it bother her, though. Or anything else, for that matter. This little girl LOVED the sand and the beach. She was in heaven. I wish I had video of our first evening out on the beach. She'd just run, then stop and put her hands up to feel the breeze, then run again and sing, then twirl, then run and get wet, then stop and lay down in the sand... it was so great watching her. Just carefree and innocent.

More pictures to come in the next post. See you then!


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Amy said...

forget another cinderella pez. i'm bringing a hermit crab next time! aunt amy won't let her girl down! hahaha

The House of Lancaster said...

Your beach photos are gorgeous and I love the kids outfits!

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