Friday, July 1, 2011

Invitations and Such...

Just letting everyone know that I've opened shop in a new arena... custom invites.
I'll make you an invitation for anything you need, using a photo that you provide! (Or if you don't want a photo in it, that's fine too.)
It's only $15.00 for a high resolution JPEG image that you can print yourself (at home or at any printing place; Office Depot, Staples, etc.)
Or, I'll get them printed for you, put them together (if needed) and send them your way, along with envelopes. (Obviously, I charge more for this, as it involves more time, driving, printing costs, etc.)

Here are the ones I did for Mary Ella's party (which is now NEXT Saturday, since I couldn't get anything together any sooner.)

(Also, please don't think these photos below represent the print quality of my invites. Yikes! These pictures were taken with my phone.)
I designed the invite using a photo from this month. Her theme is dogs. That's what she wanted.
I had them printed close to a 3x5 size; about the size of your standard index card. They printed on white card stock, and fit 4 to a page... (I use Staples for my printing.)

Then, since the invites themselves were a bit small compared to your standard invitation, I bought this pack of card stock at Big Lots for $3. It's enough to last me through a few more projects.

I also bought these assorted bright envelopes; they are close to 4x6 in size, as you can see.


And I used a glue stick to glue the printed invite onto a piece of card stock. The entire invite fit perfectly into those 4x6 envelopes, and I think it's the perfect size for an invitation.

So, if you have an event coming up (birthday, baby shower, dedication, etc.) please let me know!

Again, here are the prices:

$15.00 gets you the custom JPEG image, which will be sent to your e-mail for you to print yourself.


I'll do it all for you.
Right now I haven't quite figured up pricing on this part. As I said before, it will involve more time; trips to Staples + the post office, as well as time at home getting it all together. We'll just have to see where this goes. But for now, send me an e-mail if you need an invitation! 

Here are a few I've done for people recently... 

I love this owl invite! I'm a huge fan of owls and birds right now. Oh, and obviously, there is a crazy graphic covering the face of this child, and I've changed her name to respect their privacy!)

Now, here's the skinny on printing: I have only printed in 3x5 size and I think Sam's invite was closer to a 4x8 (the long rectangle one.) The 3x5's are my favorite. But I did glue those to an additional piece of card stock, so those might take extra steps (cutting, gluing, ya know.) Just follow the directions above. I have only printed these on card stock, so I don't know how they would look on photo paper. If you like that glossy photo look though, go for it! 

Staples did an excellent job printing for me. They were extremely patient. (Not that it takes a long time; but usually they have to figure out how to size it, print it a couple times using different programs like Adobe and Publisher, etc.) All I did was save my JPEG image to my flash drive and I took it to their printing center. The patient guy opened it up, and printed several sizes for me to look at so that I could see what I wanted. (They usually do this for free, on just regular white copy paper.) I picked the size I wanted and the card stock, and they printed them. Usually one page of card stock is $1.00, so that's how you can figure up your printing costs. I have also heard that Costco's photo section on their website has a blank greeting card where you can just upload your image onto their site and then pick up your cards whenever! Their prices are usually great too. Sam's may have the same option, I'm not sure.

(And on a side note, if you ever have things printed somewhere by sending them the file and letting them print it... if it doesn't turn out right, is cropped, people's heads are cut off, etc, you should NOT by ANY MEANS pay them for it. They should immediately catch things like that and call you. So do not let them make you pay for crappy cropped photos!! I've had that issue at a few places, only in printing photos though. And I always tell them I'm not paying for them and they usually don't mind.)

All that being said... 
If for some reason you order an image from me, take it to get it printed, and the print quality is just not what you thought it would be (and they have exhausted all of their options), I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to refund your money! I want you to get what you pay for! I've been super happy with my invitations so far and how they've turned out, but I realize that different locations might not have the same sweet, patient employees that I've been lucky enough to get. 

Also, it always helps the quality if your photo is taken with relatively high resolution. As in, if you send me a photo that you took with your phone and you expect it to look decent when blown up on an invite, you're probably going to be let down. That's just how it is. So if the print quality on your photo is the only thing that's messed up, I probably can't refund your money... ya know what I'm saying? So no camera phone pictures! Sorry! (And just make sure your picture isn't blurry to begin with. I'll also be looking at your resolution and the quality before I do your invite, and I'll be able to tell you if it will work or not!)

Ok, people, that's it! Start ordering! :)
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Jamie B. said...

Go ahead and plan on making an awesome invitation for Gage in October!!!

Lindsey Kenwright said...

Why in the world is there a gigantic butterfly over Sara Bentlee's face? I love all your invites, but don't be disguising my cute kids....ha

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