Friday, June 3, 2011

Sambo's Birthday

My birthday boy woke up happy as he could be, bed head and all.


And when I reminded him that today he was ONE, his face lit up!


We went into the kitchen for our first mini celebration; a waffle and syrup, his new breakfast favorite, and a candle, of course.


After some play time and a good morning nap, we headed out for the afternoon. First stop - Toys R Us.

I told Sam as soon as we got inside that he could pick out a toy.

"You mean, ANY toy?"


But there were so many choices that he couldn't make up his mind; and so I helped out a little. We had a buggy full of goodies. He was a happy camper indeed.


I gave him his new teether early and he went to town with that thing.


We ate dinner at Logan's with our 'crew' and then met up at the Galleria for some carousel riding.


I was hoping Sam would like it a little more than his sister did on her first birthday. And at first he seemed to enjoy it.


But then... well... you know.


Then I asked him if he wanted to ride again. And his response...


I mean, really. Check out this pouty lip. Have you ever seen anything so pitiful? And he has become quite the pouty-lip expert this past month. He can almost give it to you on command. And if ANYthing isn't going his way, you better believe he's gonna pucker up to get some sympathy outta ya. And it works. Every time.

Once we were off the carousel he was fine. We sat down and shared a cookie. He was happy as could be. Until the cookie was gone. And then... here it comes... well, almost. This is the pre-pouty lip face.


Sambo, Sambo, Sambo. Bless him.
Happy 1st Birthday, Little Buddy!
blessed signature


jessica said...

I LOVE the pic in front of Toys R Us! So cute! Sam is adorable, Haley! Happy birthday to him!

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