Monday, June 20, 2011

I should add...

First of all, I am OVERWHELMED at the responses from all of you who need/want blog designs! I am so excited! I told Chad I might move my "office corner" in our laundry room down to his office and totally take it over so that I can have a quiet, more comfortable space to work in, because clearly, and thankfully, I have some work to do! And that would give me a new house project! Goodbye hunter green office, HELLOOOO bright colored sewing/craft/work room!!! (Mwuahahaha!) Seriously, though,  I am so grateful and I hope this continues so that I can fund the office re-do.

I forgot to mention a couple things in my last post; the first being that if you sign up for a design, if you would, go ahead and make yourself a temporary "new" password for your blogger account, so that I can get into your blogger account and set up your design. I know this seems like an inconvenient, and maybe even a slightly risky/creepy thing, to let someone that you might not know "hack" into your account for a day or so, but I hope most of you can tell by reading this blog that I am a trustworthy person, and I would never do anything crazy to you! (Not that there is anything "crazy" you can do by hacking into blogger! HA!) Anyway, just wanted to get that out there in case anyone is not-too-keen on letting me in to their blog. It is just much easier for me to do it this way, because there is LOTS to do as far as tweaking goes, when it comes to setting up a new design; resizing, setting up HTML codes, putting things in the right places, making sure the codes/links actually work, etc. And instead of e-mailing you a long list of directions and risking me not being able to explain everything, it'll be easier if I just log in and do it for you!

And if you have ANY hesitations at all, you can talk to my friend Ana, who has generously allowed me to be in her blogger account for days, trying to tweak everything and get it exactly right. Thanks, Ana! (And I'm still not done yet! Ha!)

If you have a blog background from another site (like ShabbyBlogs, Cutest Blog on the Block, etc) that you really like, I'll be happy to design the rest of your blog like your header, signature, sidebar labels, etc, around that background, using similar graphics, fonts, etc. So that is a possibility if you don't need the total overhaul but would still like something matchy and cohesive!

And if you aren't sure WHAT you want but you know you want SOMETHING, just e-mail me the link to your current blog and I'll tell you what I recommend! I've had several of you do this and it gives me a good starting point! Or if you see a blog online that you like, send me that link and I'll try to fashion something similar for you.

Also, I will be glad to use any pictures that you'd like to send me. However, if you have kids, just know that your kids will grow up and eventually the picture on your header will have to be changed! Lots of people opt to go with headers that have only words (like mine above) because, like I said, those pictures will need to be changed out to more current ones eventually. It's easier to put pictures of your kiddos on the side bar, because those can be changed out with the click of a mouse. And we're not talking changing out pictures within weeks here, more like several months or even a year! So YOU do what YOU want for YOUR blog! That is most important! And it's not so much an issue with older kids, because they don't change nearly as fast. But you should know that because of the way my design program works, in order to just "change out" a picture, I have to create an entirely new header :(  I know, it's a bummer, for me AND you. So if you want a picture "change out" in a few months I'll have to charge you for the entire new header. Sorry! If that changes I'll be the first to let you know!

Also, I'll be glad to use pictures from your professional photographer; I just have to have that photographer's permission first! Most people have been super sweet and okay with it. I just don't want to infringe on anyone's copyright! So just get permission from your photographer first, and forward me the pictures as well as your photographer's email saying that it is a-ok!

Many of you Florence peeps have asked about my sister's business, Betsy Campbell Interiors, so here is my shameless plug: my sister Betsy has an AMAZING knack for interior design, staging, organizing, CLEANING, etc. Everything from what to put over your mantle to where to find great lamps to organizing your bathroom drawer to how to clean your bathtub. Seriously, she is unreal. And she hasn't officially started her business but will be offering cleaning services, organization, staging, design tips, etc, in the very near future, as soon as she gets her logistics worked out. I think she is already taking people's names for cleaning, so if you want someone trustworthy to clean/organize for you, give her a call or e-mail. Her contact info is on her blog.

And lastly, here is a blog I finished this weekend for my amazing aunt, Amanda. She has added some pictures and post dated them so that she can keep up with the pictures she still has since before the fire.

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The Jordans said...

i would love for you to update my blog :) also... we should take the kiddos to the aquarium!

The Blockers said...

I may want you to update my blog when baby Will gets here! I love yours! So cute..:)

Melissa said...

just emailed your sis...

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