Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun Memorial Day Weekend


We spent the weekend at the Compound doing what we do best - eating, swimming, laughing, taking pictures, and staying up way too late. This time we brought along a few extras - my brother and sister-in-law, Jason and Keri Lynn, and my 2 nephews, Brooks and Case.

We all pulled in late Friday night and were greeted by our usual welcome committee - 8 doggies by the names of Percy, Belle, Stella, Annie May, Ruby, Jack, Ollie and Buford. Lucy was ecstatic to be with all her canine cousins.


The kiddos played upstairs and the ladies sat in the kitchen and enjoyed some of Mom's home made salsa and an amazing margarita-flavored cake. I'll have to post these recipes soon!
The men immediately started mapping out their fishing plans, which included a mini tournament. They organized their lures and put fresh new line on their rods. Then they loaded up all 8000+ pounds of gear into my dad's yacht small fishing boat. And we laughed at them. Because they seriously have more fishing gear than they will EVER know what to do with. There's no way any one person, in their lifetime, could ever use all the baits and hooks and worms that these guys possess. It is r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s.

Anyway, the guys headed out to fish around 4:30am Saturday morning and finished up around 11am. At one point we called my dad to see how the day was going, and his response was "Well, to be quite honest, unless you like to watch Chad catch fish, it hasn't been too fun." Ha! Chad had a great fishing day, reeling in 5 or 6 bass and one poor little turtle. He cashed in on a Mark's Outdoors gift card before we left town and bought some new lures, and I guess it paid off.
We fed the kids breakfast and took showers and the kids played outside for a while. At some point during the morning, my uncoordinated not-so-graceful Mary Ella took a little tumble and met face first with some concrete. So she looked like a beaten child the rest of the weekend.


When the professional fishermen returned they agreed to watch the kiddos so us ladies could have some down time. We went to a few local shops and an antique store, had lunch at Trowbridges, and decided to end the day by taking our VIP out-of-town guest Keri Lynn to the WalMart. She was beyond thrilled. Yeah. We give our guests the red carpet treatment.

Saturday afternoon we swam with the kiddos and And that night mom cooked for us. She made the best bologna sandwiches we'd ever eaten. Red carpet treatment, I tell ya.

No, I'm kidding.

She made chicken and sun dried tomato fettucine.

Also known as "the best pasta dish ever."

Also known as "Watch out Ricatoni's, Amy Rutledge is in the house."

Seriously, if you try ANY recipe from this blog, please please PLEASE try this one. (Recipes for the pasta, salsa, and the margarita cake will be posted soon!!!)

After dinner the men left again for a night fishing adventure; Chad was able to reel in both a 3lb and a 4lb bass. I'm not sure where that put him as far as the tournament standings but overall I think he did really well on night #2. They returned around 2am.

On Sunday we ate a quick lunch and then swam again for much of the afternoon. It was HOT outside! I was very thankful for the pool yesterday and today. I was also very thankful for good meals. I'm lucky enough to have 2 brother-in-laws who are MASTERS of the GRILL. Chris (Betsy's husband) has a Green Egg smoker thingy, and he smoked us a Boston butt for supper. It was divine. Nothing like a good BBQ sandwich with all the fixins - white sauce, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, slaw, baked beans, Golden Flake chips... ahhh. We had enough pork to feed a small army but we managed to take care of all of it by the end of the night. Cause that's how we roll. We get seconds. And thirds. And then banana pudding. Oh yes we do.

After dinner my sister-in-law took a few pics of me with Sambo. I love this picture! I literally have NO pictures of me with my kids (except for the ones where I'm swollen and hooked up to an IV after giving birth to them) so these are special to me, for sure.


And I had to drag him by his teeth, but here's one she snapped of me and my favorite fisherman.


My kids just couldn't hang after eating dinner. Mary Ella passed out on the chair and Sam was out as soon as Uncle Jason started giving him the back rub.


The men went out yet again Sunday night for some night fishing fun and both Chad and his brother pulled in small-mouths and managed to win the tourney. They were happy with their catches over all and even happier with the grand prize, which was coming home to find that all the beds were taken and realizing that they'd have to finish out the night sleeping in recliners. Oh, me. Poor boys.

I was the only one awake when the fishermen got home, due to a certain almost-one-year-old little boy who is apparently teething again. I am hoping there are 2 or 4 more teeth about to make an appearance. And I'm praying they make an appearance and break through his gums before his birthday party Saturday! Because his middle name is Cranky right now. I don't see any teeth under his gums but his nose is super runny and he's waking up a lot at night and chewing constantly on his fingers, and the only thing that seems to soothe him is eating crackers and popsicles and other people's fingers, so I'm pretty sure the teething monster has a tight grip on little Sambo, which is no fun! Anyway, we were up until late-thirty Sunday night to welcome the fishermen and eventually tell them good night (or good morning, I guess.)

A funny: My parents have an open foyer with stairs going up to the second floor; the foyer has a super high ceiling, and at some point this weekend Sam realized that he had an echo! Every time anyone held him and walked through the foyer or up/down the stairs, he'd yell "Ugh!" over and over and look up the the ceiling. He would stop as soon as we were out of the foyer. Ha! It was so cute. And it's so fun to watch him discover new things.

Today we swam for a couple hours and then enjoyed a late lunch at the new Buffalo Wild Wings with Adam and Ashley (and my sweet niece Gracie, who will be here in August!)
We left Florence around 7pm tonight and thankfully made it back safely and avoided holiday traffic. It was a fantastic weekend spent with fantastic people! Thanks mom and dad for hosting!


Miss Mary Ella decided she'd stay the week with Mimi and Poppa, so we will miss her silly self over the next few days. I'll be busy preparing for 'teething Sam's' birthday bash! Hopefully I'll get another post in before the party, if I'm not up to my ears in rubber Duckie decorations and almond buttercream!

And before I forget, thanks so much to the men and women who sacrifice so much for our country! There is so much we take for granted on a daily basis that would not be possible if it weren't for people like you! And special thanks to the husbands and wives of all our military as well - you sacrifice more than we will EVER know and we appreciate and have the utmost respect for you too! Happy Memorial Day!

Have a blessed week, everyone!



Melissa said...

fun weekend!
For reals...need the recipes!
Love the pic of you and Sam! Too sweet!

The Penter Family said...

this post makes me hungry.

Kristy said...

love your post, pictures, and your cute shirt that you are wearing in your picture with Sam and Chad. :)

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