Friday, May 13, 2011

Wedding Weekend. Bliss.

What an unbelievably fantabulous weekend! It was the perfect weekend for my dream wedding. I wish I had been the bride on this beautiful Saturday. Sunset + the compound + family = jackpot. Oh, and add to that some realllllly good food. That's like a super mack daddy jackpot. It was good.

I made my sis get all prettied up on Thursday night so that I could take some pictures of her outside. She doesn't have to do a whole lot to get prettied up, and that makes me a little bit jealous. 


Then I watched Mom, in her signature work visor, finish up the last minute details. And MAN were there some details. My parents are freaking workhorses. They should hire themselves out. 


Here are a few of the details that my parents and Betsy did themselves:

Water bottle labels - ordered on Etsy (assembled by Mom and Bets)


The favors were clear boxes (from Hobby Lobby) full of lemon drops. With these cute tags (by Mom of course.) And hand tied with 3. RIBBONS. EACH. Cause you know we can't have just one cute ribbon. Oh no we can't.


Mom straight up sewed and then appliqued these satin table runners. Yep.


And she straight up made welcome boxes for some of the out of towners that were staying in the nearby hotel.


And straight up carved this statue of Aphrodite out of stone she found in the pasture.


Ok, so she didn't do that. 

But she did make these mason jar votive candle things that hung from all the trees.


You know, just simple stuff like that. Doesn't take talent or creativity or anything.

Seriously, Mom. Why aren't you famous? WHY???

Friday morning we enjoyed a delicious brunch with all the bridesmaids in an even more delicious home. 


Best part: the food. Fresh fruit, spinach quiche, cheese grits, biscuits with home made honey butter, and crispy bacon drizzled with maple syrup. Ahhhhhhh. 


Everything was beautiful and perfect. And the house was amazing! Check out the porch!


And the outside sitting areas:


Betsy and I both agreed that if we lived in this house we'd just lay around and pretend we were on "The Hills." Cause it felt pretty dog gone glamorous. 

All the bridesmaids.


Here are Betsy and Caycee. Caycee lives here in this house on "The Hills." I am jealous.


And Caycee's mom MADE these stained glass windows for her home. By hand. Cause that's really easy to whip up, you know? Just a quick window. 


Check out this master bath:


Gorgeous huh? I love it. Thank you Sadricia for letting me photograph your beautiful home, your wonderful hosting skills, and your handiwork!

We did not stay with my parents on this particular trip to the Compound because my mom, being a teacher, gets a special discount at the Shoals Marriott ever so often, and she generously offered to let us use it for the wedding weekend. We stayed there Friday and Saturday night. It is such a great place! It felt like a little mini vacation. Their pool is awesome and they have a great playground and splash pad too. Chad's brother Jason and my sister in law and their boys stayed there too, so we had fun hanging out with them! 


The water was freezing but I did convince Chad and Mary Ella to try out the water slide. 


Chad was not happy with me afterwards, as this resulted in a case of severe hypothermia. I suggested he go again, and this was his face: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!"


But Sam thought it was hilarious.


On Saturday after we got our hair did, I took the kiddos back to the Marriott for a day of play. I also kidnapped Mollie Beth so that she could play with Mary Ella while her mama Maggie ran some errands. They haven't played together since they looked like this…

bedtime with mollie beth

But now that they've both grown some hair and have learned to talk, we decided we'd introduce them again. And I'm so glad we did. They were kinda inseparable.  Mary Ella would boss Mollie Beth around ("Hey Mollie Bay-eth, come over hee-yer") and Mollie Beth would follow right along. I let them splash around in the pool for a while then we decided we'd venture down to the playground and splash pad with my nephews and Addie Jane. The girls didn't care for the splash pad too much but the slides and tunnels suited them just fine. 


This little guy was with us too. 


Oh I love him so. Everything about him.

His chubby rolling thighs and bubbly feet.


His sweet little blonde hair that is ever growing and even getting curly in the back.


This sweet little crooked underbite.


And the fact that it gets even more sideways and crooked when he is trying to talk.


I also love the fact that he thinks I'm the funniest human on the planet. 


And the fact that I can sit him anywhere and come back 30 minutes later and he'll be in the exact same spot. 


God love him, my sweet little Sambo. 

Ok, enough gushing over my cute baby boy.

After the playground Mary Ella and Sam were in dire need of a nap before wedding time, so we headed back up to the room. The girls were hand in hand the entire way. 


And yes, Mollie Beth is without pants. Because her sweet little shorts got wet and she didn't want to wear them wet. So I let her show off her panties in the hotel lobby. And then I apologized for embarrassing her and let her sit out on the balcony and eat a donut while my kids were snoozing away. 


A couple hours later it was GO time! I went out to the Compound early to get ready with the other bridesmaids. Here we are in our monogrammed towels that my sister gave us. Excuse the no-makeup face and falling hairdo. 


Betsy was of course calm, cool and collected and she watched out the window as different people arrived. 


And we all talked about how her arms were looking real skinny and we wished our own arms were as skinny as hers. Then we got over our arm jealousy and put on our makeup and sprayed our hair stiff and strapped on our makemeskinny undergarments before adorning our super cute canary yellow bridesmaid dresses. Sister did great on picking our dresses. Super comfy, great color. And our shoes, praise God, were flats. Oh yes. 

I went outside and tried to take pictures of some of the decor. The wedding took place at my aunt's house on the Compound, which is back behind my parent's house. The ceremony was in the front, here:


And the reception was 'round back, here:


The flower girls were able to greet everyone from the upstairs window before they took their seats for the ceremony.


My grandaddy made these votive candle holders out of trees. 


I give him and his candle holders a thumbs up.


Dad borrowed some golf carts from our friends and my younger cousins drove people from their cars (parked in the field) to the house.


Handsome Charlie (who has been the ring bearer in ALL of the Rutledge kid weddings!  And was perfect in every single one! Go Charlie man!)


And Charlie's beautiful sisters, Annsley and Ann Marie


And just a few more details, if you don't mind:


Like any southern wedding should, we had a sweet tea fountain.


And cake, of course.
Chris' cake was Bama themed; red velvet with houndstooth icing. Yes.


And Betsy's was classic wedding cake with buttercream. Yum-o.


The happy bride and groom. Ready to greet the guests and then high-tail it to DISNEY WORLD! WAHOO!


It was a beautiful wedding and a great time to be with family and friends. Thanks to EVERYONE who came and everyone who helped out in some way or another! You are all appreciated!


Molly said...

I really, really hate that I missed it! It reminds me of another outdoor wedding that was done about 10 years ago, but that one wasn't near as fabulous as Betsy's wedding! Looking at these pictures is making me really homesick!

Lyndsie said...

This is too precious. The wedding was perfect - just like your sweet family. Love you all!

Melissa said...

absolutely beautiful!

RambunctiousReagan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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