Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry, Sambo...

Your mother FORGOT to do an 11-month update. And you'll be ONE next week! Agh!

(Thanks to all you mommas that have done your monthly updates this week; it reminded me of this!)

At 11 months, Sam...
-Weighs 21-ish pounds and is long. Long long long. Well, his legs aren't long. But his head is long and his torso is long. Making it difficult for him to become the mobile baby that I would like him to be. More on that in a sec.
-Weighs too much not to be a mobile baby. My shoulders hurt.
-Loves eating, reading books, playing in his exersaucer/walker, swinging, drinking bottles, watching his sister in all her shenanigans, and riding in the car.
-Says the following words: --------
-Makes the following sounds: Da-Da, Ba-ba, I-duuuuhhh (trying to teach him to say "I do" when I ask if he wants to do something, and this is how it sounds), Na-na-na
-Recognizes the following words when we say them: Bah-bah (bottle), bath, water, bang-bang, splash, Daddy, Mama, night-night, bite-bites, puff, Lucy, up, play
-Has an undeniably hilarious toothy underbite grin.
-Has dramatically perfected his pouty face and sad lip. It's so pitiful.
-Has the longest, prettiest eyelashes of any boy I've seen at his age.
-Has the fattest, chubbiest feet of any boy I've seen at his age.
-Refuses to drink out of a sippy cup. Maybe a few sips, but that's it.
-Has 2 bottom teeth. Waiting for the others to make their appearance.
-Still has an obsession with hair. If he's upset, hair will calm him down. I can literally take a single hair out of my head and hand it to him, he'll grasp it and suck his thumb at the same time and be the happiest baby on the block. He usually sleeps with one of Mary Ella's dolls or one of her McDonalds Happy Meal barbies. Holds the hair all night long. Crazy, I know.

Firsts this month:

-Attended his first wedding.
-Swam in our neighborhood pool!
-Ate mac & cheese, waffles with syrup, and spaghetti. Loved them all.
-Began saying "I duuuuuhhh" in response to questions. Most of the time it's "I duh-dooooo."
-Started on whole milk; still mixing it with formula right now.
-Got his first pair of Crocs. They are the only shoes that will fit on his fat little feet.
-Cheered his cousin Brooks on to a first place victory in the little league baseball tournament.



-We're working on learning to crawl. Biggest challenge is holding his head up while we crawl. He tends to want to just hang his head; but thankfully it's mostly out of stubbornness and not a strength issue.
-We're working on pulling up to standing from a sitting position. He tends to lock his legs in place (straight) while standing and needs to learn to bend them in order to sit back down and eventually take steps.
-We LOVE our Chantel (our physical therapist!) She comes every 2 weeks. Sam gives her fits and is making mostly F's with some occasional E's for effort. (No, just kidding; he does pretty good for her.)
-We joke that if he were in speech therapy he'd be making straight A's because he can pretty much mimic, or try to mimic, any sound that comes out of our mouths.


-FOODS: graham crackers, teething biscuits, yogurt melts, puffs, cheerios, mac & cheese, cheetos, cheese balls, popsicles, spaghetti, waffles, apples, pears, yogurt
-TOYS: stacker rings, his Playskool gears toy, any teething toy, his vibrating teether, anything that rattles, anything that he can bang on, spoons, our iPad.
-APPS: (every baby has favorite apps, right?) Peekaboo Baby, Aquarium, Lullaby Lamb
-PEOPLE: Me. You know it's true, Sambo. :)

I love this sweet boy more than anything!


I'll post his one year stats and maybe a few more little tidbits in the next couple weeks! I'm off to the Compound for the holiday weekend, then Sam's little birthday party is next weekend! Still can't believe he's gonna be ONE!

I made his birthday invitations myself this year... here's a sneak peek at our party theme...

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!
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