Sunday, May 15, 2011

The doctor is in.

Mary Ella was determined to play "doctor" last night with all her doggie friends. So we rounded up the gang and told them it was time for their yearly check ups. They were less than thrilled.

From left to right, we have Clifford, Lucy, Quigley, Contest, Woofin, Goldilocks and Shag. I skipped the one with the heart because he doesn't have a name. And yes, I typed the name "Contest." Mary Ella likes to be real unique when it comes to names. She gets that from me. My first dog's name was Temperature. And my first dolls were Quigley and Infantry. Yep. No lie.

The wait was long because this particular doctor was a bit chatty, so Lucy made herself comfortable.


Finally the doc arrived and Lucy began to tell her about her hurt paw.


From there, we went through the routine examination.


This doctor, like her father, was super talented in the field of robotic surgery. She quickly grabbed one of her DaVinci robotic tools and went to work in attempts to assess the damage.


After a few more tests and procedures (which we won't get into - it was horrible!), we had our diagnosis.


Lucy was a little down, but she took her medicine like a big girl and waited for her bandage to be put on.


Meanwhile, the others waited patiently.


Lucy wasn't a big fan of her new bandage.


Nor was she a fan of me photographing this whole ordeal. "Seriously???"


But we do what we gotta do to help our canine companions, right?
So she'll just have to deal with it for now.



The Penter Family said...

I like how that dog with the heart is saying "I wish I had a name". FUNNY!

Mary said...

Haley: These photos are precious. You did a wonderful job with your art and quotes. GREAT!


I know you hear this all the time but this kid is JUST like you!

Melissa said...

cuteness! I also watched the die for! Bless her!

Chrisy said...

This blog just made my day. Ill be thinking about it the entire time Im listening in Health and Physical Assessment in Nursing School this morning. Im sure I wont learn a thing that I couldnt learn from your little doc.

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