Sunday, May 29, 2011


This little boy...


said "Mama" today. For the first time ever.
And it melted my heart.

We were swimming at my aunt's pool today and just all of a sudden, he said, "Mmmaamma." I paused, then looked around, asked if anyone else heard it (and yes, my brother-in-law Jason heard it loud and clear), and then he said it AGAIN!

"Maaa Ma!"

Looking right at me!

And I was like ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness.

And then I was like, "EVERYBODY LISTEN!!!"

And I said, "Who do you love???" because that is the question I've been asking him for months, trying to get him to say my name afterwards.
And sure enough...

"Mmmaama... Mmaaammaa... Maamaa!"

And then everyone cheered and jumped up and down and said, "YAY SAMBO!!!"

And I jumped out of the pool so that I could get my camera and video him doing it, because, I mean, this is like, hugely monumental. And he did sort of do it on the video but not near as well as he did at first.

It was a magical moment.

I love him so.
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