Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A tea party, a tool party, and a pirate adventure.

Spring is here, and we're ringing in the season with plenty of busy activities, including birthday parties, baby showers (and babies!), trips to the thrift stores, lots of redecorating projects, and some new and delicious RECIPES!

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Mary Ella's best friend Griffin's 3rd birthday. He had a tool/construction themed party at his house. Me and his mama Lindsey searched high and low online trying to find the cutest party decor ideas and then she put it all together! She did a great job and here is how everything looked. Ideas came from here and here.

Party banner - made from a roll of construction wrapping paper and letters cut out of poster board!

The party table! Construction hats, plastic tools, toolboxes and plastic cones! Oh, and snacks!

"Nuts & Bolts" chex mix! (These containers and scoops are from the Dollar Tree and we cut the tool labels out of poster board.)

Spare tires!

and of course, ball bearings!

The cake - with a little "Roll Tide" thrown in, of course!

Amanda and Chad stayed with us for the weekend, and Charlie came to the party with us! This was right up his alley!

The party was held in their garage since they already had built in tool benches and the decor was definitely perfect for a garage party. Here is the drink area, aka the filling station!


We had a great time at the tool party and a great time hanging out with Amanda and Chad and the family that weekend.

And this past weekend was full of more parties!

This year I decided I wanted to start having a spring tea party for Mary Ella and her little girlfriends. I grew up going to a Christmas tea party and ornament swap every year and it was the highlight of my holiday season! We would all wear our dresses and go to Jessica's house and make some sort of yummy treat, eat finger foods, drink apple cider and punch, and swap ornaments. Then we'd get our picture made on the stairs and I bet there are at least 10 of those pictures somewhere! It'd be neat to see all of them and how we all grew over time. Anyway, it was such a great memory for me so I decided we'd do a spring tea party since our Christmas season is always so busy. This was equally as exciting and really fun to plan.

The invitation was made by Lily Pad Boutique; they have a store on Facebook. Alicia and her sisters are SO talented and they always amaze me with what they can do! And the best part - they only charge $10. They email you the file and you print it at home! They do EVERYTHING from birth announcements to wedding invitations, so if you need anything like that, go find them on FaceBook!


I used Mary Ella's pink Christmas tree from HL as the centerpiece and decorated it with spring ornaments that I purchased at Pier One forty seasons ago when they were on clearance. I think I paid $3 for the whole box of them AND the eggs at the bottom of the tree.

We made these bunny eggs and colored some spring pictures for the mommies. (reusable polkadot table cloth was $5 at Old Navy and the craft egg box was $2.50 at Hobby Lobby.) Of course I only took an "after" shot of the craft table.


We found the hats in the dollar section at Target! So fitting for a tea party. They all looked like little ladies.

As the invitation suggested, each girl brought a friend. We had some seats and treats prepared for them as well.

For the little ladies, we worked so hard to prepare these little treats. *wink*
Easter Little Debbies, bunny grahams, fresh fruit, cheese and some peanut butter crackers.

The girls ate and drank from Chad's grandmother's tulip dishes; they are so cute and perfect for a spring tea! These will be fun to use year after year for this occasion.

The big ladies enjoyed spinach & bacon quiche, fruit, and orange rolls.

The big ladies had to eat on paper plates and drink from paper cups. :)

And everyone sipped on raspberry lemonade or peach tea.

For a favor, each girl took home their bunny egg that they made, their fancy tea party hat, and a treat bag which included a piece of chalk shaped like an Easter egg and a bag full of pink jelly beans. (Treat bags from Big Lots.)

The tea party was so much fun and made for such a great memory, and I'm so glad we did it! I don't think I'd do anything different other than maybe a few more crafts! I am already looking forward to next year.

That afternoon we went to Hayden's 3rd birthday party. Hayden is our neighbor down the street and she had a pirate themed birthday party which was super cute. (She is the little girl sitting directly across from Mary Ella at the tea party.) Everyone was asked to dress like a pirate for the party; I found these eye patches on the birthday aisle at Target and then used some old clothes to make them both bandanas. A too-small onesie made the perfect bib for drooling, teething Pirate Sambo. They looked hilarious.

Sam's tough pirate face. Bring it.


And the pirate princess, Mary Ella, with some striped pink leggings wrapped around her curly head.

About to start the treasure hunt...

Happy with her loot.


Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.


The Jordans said...

i love it! I hate we missed the party :( I love that recipe I just made it last week!

The Penter Family said...


Beth- the mama bee said...

what a fun weekend. I think that recipe looks delish! I have everything on hand except the tomatoes... it might warrant a trip to the store!

mummi said...

I made it tonight without chicken and Randy and I loved it. He said it was a do over. (I think he meant that we should have it again.) Thanks for sharing it!

Melissa said...

Oh that recipe looks delish!
Love the Sping Tea idea! Looks like ME had such a blast! Addie would absolutely love that!

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