Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Months

I'm a little behind on Sam's 10 month update but here goes...


Sam weighs 21 pounds, 2 ounces (50%) and is 29 inches long (75%). He's a little Chad junior, that's for sure, from his head to his toes. He's sweet to everyone he meets, super laid back, and will pretty much adapt to any situation. If he's tired, though, he'll let you know he is ready for nap. He gets really whiney and starts grabbing at your hair and sucking that thumb. His personality is definitely showing more these days. At his checkup last week he was constantly babbling and nodding/shaking his head and even resisting Dr. A when he tried to check his ears and mouth, which is definitely unlike my easy- going Sam. I think he's learning that if he wants any attention while his sister is around he has to be loud and dramatic. He's getting it so far. What can I say? He's learning from the best. She's definitely a pro in the drama department.


He is wearing 12-18 month clothes in most brands and size 4 diapers. (By the way, the outfit he has on above is a "Blessed Be the Name" jon jon from Treasures Thrift Store in Pelham - $3!) He's taking 3 6oz bottles daily and 1 8oz bottle before bedtime. I had switched him to just 3 8oz bottles a day but the 4-bottle schedule seems to work better as far as his spitting up goes. He's on Prevacid as well as Bethanicol, which is a motility drug that helps his food move super fast from his stomach to his small intestine, keeping him from spitting up as much. He wasn't a bad spitter to begin with, but with all the activity requirements that he has (tummy time, exercises, etc) he needed something to help even more so that he can do his physical therapy and not worry about being wiped down and changed every 5 minutes! It seems to be doing the trick.


He has started eating some table foods in addition to baby food. He loves popsicles and he grins and bounces every time we get them out of the freezer. He also loves Gerber wagon wheels and graham crackers. He tore up some mashed potatoes last week at The Ranch House in Vestavia. He is still not too sure about chewing the smaller bites such as puffs, yogurt melts, etc. We're working on that.

Two weeks ago he got his first TOOTH! The 2 teeth on the bottom are coming in together! It's about time! Mary Ella got her first teeth at just shy of 6 months, so I've been waiting to see some little teethies in this boy. He was waking up in the night for a couple nights straight and I thought for sure it was his ears until I was putting him in his car seat one afternoon and noticed his little gums. For the most part he's been a champ and the only terrible side effect has been a snotty nose.


He's become so much stronger in the last month! He can bear weight on his legs for as long as you'll let him, and now he''ll do it just holding onto my fingers; two weeks ago he would not bear weight just me holding him by his hands; I'd have to hold him under his arms. But now he's doing it like a pro! He's trying to army crawl but his arms just aren't strong enough yet. We've been working on his arm strength with Chantel, our PT, for the last couple weeks and he's getting better every day. He's sitting for as long as you'll let him.


He loves any baby toy and especially hammers and drums. He loves to take a small toy and bang bang bang on a larger toy. He can bang two sticks together and he likes to do this at Kindermusik when they pull out the box of instruments. He also loves the exersaucer.

Some "tricks" he'll show you on command are:
He can show you where his ear is and where his toes are.
He can "clap" his feet.
He can scream or squeal if you do it first.
He will sniff-sniff-sniff with his nose if you do it first.
He'll "blow bubbles" and make a spitting noise if you do it.

He's my little mockingbird.


I can't believe he'll be 1 in only a couple months! I still feel like he is my tiny baby and I'm getting all the cuddle time I can get! These kiddos grow up way too fast. Seems like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time...


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