Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sam at 9 Months

Sam was 9 months old a week ago and I am behind on posting, so here's the skinny on my chubster at this age...

He weighs around 21 pounds I believe, although I still haven't even scheduled his checkup.
He is ROLLING from his stomach to his back. That's right! I said it! At 9 months he has finally ROLLED OVER. Yay for Sam! Haha...

The rolling has caused some difficulty in the tummy time/learning to crawl department, because now I have to constantly sit with him during his tummy time, otherwise he just rolls to his back. The only time he'll really stay on his tummy for a while is if he can watch Baby Einstein on my phone or on Chad's laptop. He does draw his legs up and push with his feet like he wants to army crawl, but is still pretty weak in the upper body department (arms, neck) and top heavy so he's not actually moving himself yet. And as much as I want him to move and catch up on his motor skills, I am still thankful that I can lay him on my bed to take a shower and be confident that he will not go anywhere! There is always something to be thankful for!
He is putting lots more weight on his legs and will stand for several seconds in my lap; he loves the exersaucer now and will play and bounce in it for as long as 30 minutes! This is a great improvement for Sam. He is sitting up without support and can sit for several minutes (15-20) and play. He'll usually fall to one side or the other and get stuck in a horribly uncomfortable-looking position and still not make a peep; he won't cry or fuss or anything; he'll just sit there until someone sees him and can help him up. That's my laid back little Sambo. Never wants to disturb the peace.

He is on Prevacid for his reflux which is finally proving to work. He takes 4 bottles a day, 6 ounces each, and usually eats baby food 3 times a day. He loves the Gerber spaghetti and any fruit and HATES chicken noodle and anything with beef. He also HATES table food. Puffs, cheerios, biter biscuits, we've tried everything and he is just not interested at ALL. He actually gags if he has anything remotely solid in his mouth. He'll even close his mouth and purse his lips really tightly if he sees we're trying to put something in his mouth that he doesn't want. Ha!

He is wearing size 4 diapers and mostly 12-18m clothes. He is riding in his rear facing convertible car seat and seems to love it; he just looks out the window the entire time unless he is sleeping. His favorite toys are anything on a linky rings chain that he can chew, his Fisher Price baby basketball goal and his colorful spinning gears toy. Anything he can bang on that makes noise in return is good enough for him.

He says "Da-Da" all the time and has pushed out a "Mmmmaa" during some tired crying fits, but I'm working on his "Ma-Ma" every day and he better have it down soon! There's nothing like hearing that first intentional "Mama" from your baby!
He can "clap his feet" on command (usually) and is attempting to clap his hands when we do "pat-a-cake." It's so cute to watch him try. He will also shake his head "no" and nod "yes," not on purpose of course, but he'll get in a mood where he'll want to shake or nod and we'll ask him questions and let him do one or the other; it is hilarious. I need to post a video. He can buzz his lips and make a clicking noise with his tongue to "call Lucy."

He is super laid back and sweet and snuggly. He has an undying affection for his Mama-dearest and he knows when I am not in the room, that is for sure! He also still has an undying affection for hair - anyone's hair, including his sister's, which he finds oh so fascinating. The other day they were both sitting on my bed and he grabbed her by the hair and literally PULLED her head into his lap. And when he wants something, he'll get it, and he'll put a death grip on it; Mary Ella could not get up and was screaming "Nooooo SAMMM! NOOOO" and Chad came running into the room because I was laughing too hard to help her. He just likes hair, that's all! Funny Sam.

Well, that's all I can think of for our 9 month update. I'll have to post the pictures later! I'm out of time for today!


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