Thursday, February 10, 2011


Unlike the rest of the kids in Alabama (or at least the kids north of us), my children saw snow today for the FIRST time this year. Finally!

We slept late and then awoke to a nice surprise outside - a blanket of white on our front lawn. Mary Ella noticed it first and she said, "Mama! I found something. You gonna really love it." I loved the look on her face even more, though. She quickly ran into her room, came back with her boots on, and was ready to go. After convincing her that she'd freeze her buns off if she went out in PJ's and boots, she agreed to let me "layer her up" and even let me take a few pictures. When I was putting on her mittens she was like, "What choo doin, Mama??" because she never wears mittens, of course; we live in Alabama! When I pulled them over her hands and tugged her thumbs into place, she held her hands in front of her face and her eyes lit up. "That's cool, Mama," she said, and just kept staring at them. It's such a joy - a real heart warming joy - to see a child experience things like snow; although it wasn't her first time to see or even play in it, she certainly doesn't remember the last time, so this was all so new to her and the wonder and excitement made me feel like a kid again myself. I even tried to get her to go down the hill with me in our plastic kiddie pool, which she politely declined. Probably a smart decision, seeing as how I nearly maimed our chain length fence.

Here are a few pictures from today.


What a great day!

We warmed up inside (after about 6 minutes of being out in the cold - ha!) and made home made pop tarts! I'll save those for another post.


McKinney Madness said...

Those pictures are adorable! I may have told you before, but if you're ever getting rid of any of Mary Ella's clothes please let me know! I'm trying to buy for next fall/winter season and you've always got her dressed so cute!!

Mrs. Bee said...

This was the best post I have read all day. I LOVE how the kids match and I love what Mary Ella said about the mittens. Oh my goodness. PRECIOUS. I want to have kids just like you! Awesome that Sam sits in the snow in a bumbo ;) lol

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