Thursday, February 3, 2011

8 Month Old Sam


Being 8 months old means I only have 4 months until my baby turns ONE. That is so insane! I remember how time seemed to fly the first few months of Mary Ella's life and it's been the same way with my baby boy.

Let's see, Mr. Sambo... you are still my very laid back, sweet talkin, smilin', kickin', thumb suckin' baby. You are sweet and cuddly and you still love your Mama very much. You weigh around 19 pounds and are still very very very LONG. You wear 9-12 month clothing unless it's something that snaps at the crotch, (which is almost everything!), in which case we have to move on up to the 18 month clothes because of your long torso! (I have found that Gymboree, Old Navy and Gap clothes fit you well; they seem to be made for babies with long bodies and short legs; although it's hard to find clothes that I consider "baby" enough in those brands.) You would probably be fine if we chose to forego clothing altogether, though, because you are a wild man when you are naked or in just a diaper! You tend to be much more mobile and willing to do "tricks" when you have little to no clothes restricting you! You had your first hair cut this past month; the mohawk seemed to be the only part of your hair that was actually growing, and things were looking a little crazy on top, so I snipped it to even out the length of your hair and I think you look better this way; it's much easier to tame!

You were finally diagnosed with reflux this past month and were given a prescription for Prevacid; Mommy isn't quite convinced that it's working but we're trying to change up your schedule so we'll give it more time. Up until this week, you were eating 4 times a day - a 6 oz bottle at each meal. Now, since you are doing more "exercising" and less lying around, we're having to adjust your meal times a bit so that your tummy isn't so full and you can enjoy longer activity/play times without spitting up everywhere. It's a tricky thing, these baby schedules, but hopefully we'll figure out something that works best while you're trying to figure out how to sit up/play/crawl/etc and keep your food down at the same time! We tried switching to 3 8-oz bottles a day but this seemed to overload you. So this week I am trying to give you baby food and 4 oz milk, then about 2 hours later you get another 4 oz milk before you go down for a nap. You wake up and we start the process all over again; so you're still getting about 24 oz a day, just divided up a little more so that your tummy is not upset and too full. (I'm sure you all are sooo interested in our crazy feeding schedule; I am writing this out so that I remember it, not because I feel you all are dying to know what times and what foods he eats.) I think you may be allergic to green peas; anytime you eat them, even when they are disguised in a food that you love, you begin coughing and grunting really loud (like you are trying to clear your throat) and then you get really red in the face. I haven't talked to the doctor about this but we're definitely staying away from peas. You LOVE sweet potatoes and corn, the vegetable cheese risotto, and any fruit. We haven't tried any table foods or finger foods yet.


You really love music; anytime one of your favorite songs plays, you bounce up and down and grin from ear to ear. If the song is paused, you grunt and pant and keep bouncing until I turn it back on! Your favorite songs are "Old MacDonald," "Let's Sing Hello, Hello," (from Kindermusik CD) and you love watching Mary Ella sing "If You're Happy and You Know It." You love your Fisher Price SingStage mirror, your Laugh & Learn tool bench and your colorful gear-spinning toy. But your favorite toy is this one...


a hot pink shaky rattle attached to some link rings. Your sister actually stole this rattle from Smith's Variety Store back in 2008, at 4 months old. We came home from shopping there one day and when I pulled her out of her car seat, there it was, price tag and all. I called them and spoke with the kind lady at the front of the store, who told me not to worry about sending in a check for $2.99. So we've had it ever since, and you seem to love it. Any time you hear it shake, you turn to see who has it and where the noise is coming from. We carry this rattle linky chain everywhere we go, and we even took it to the hospital as your "comfort item" when you had surgery.

You enjoyed your first day at the park this past Saturday - it was 70 degrees! You loved having Daddy push you in the swing. Your sister wanted you to follow her onto the playground, but we'll save that part for later.


You are improving on your motor skills every day; you are tolerating your tummy a little more, thanks to some YouTube Baby Einstein videos, and you are working hard learning how to sit up! Chantel, your physical therapist, is proud of you and thinks you are a little bit dramatic when it comes to doing your exercises. You'll pant really hard and squeal like you are in pain if she is making your "work," then as soon as she turns you over to your back you just smile and laugh and turn off the whining! It is funny to watch these little "fits." Last Thursday the longest you could sit up unsupported was about 13 seconds, then you would fall over. And today, 6 days later, you are sitting for several minutes at a time. You sat by yourself throughout the "sitting" portions of Kindermusik this morning and everyone was so impressed. A little practice goes a long way, and we're learning that more every day as you get stronger.


You love your Mama's hair, for some crazy reason, and, along with your thumb, the hair is as good as any pacifier or blankie. In church on Sundays you fall asleep clinging a handful of my hair and sucking that thumb; it's so hilarious. I might just get you a wig instead of a blankie or lovey. I think you'd like it just as much.


As soon as you are sitting up on your own without falling (which will hopefully be before I write another monthly post about you!), we're going to move you to a convertible car seat, because Mama is breaking her back getting you and your infant seat in and out of the car every day. I so look forward to when you can ride in a shopping buggy or sit in a restaurant's high chair without having to be carried in in your car seat! I think you'll enjoy it more too, so let's hurry, ok buddy?

Sam, you are a joy and a blessing and I am so happy that the Lord gave me a precious son! I love you!



A said...

Haley, this was such a blessing to read! Your pictures capture that tiny, adorable soul so well (love the thumb-sucking one!). Also, way to go Sam! Sitting up is hard. We could all use a little ab work! :)

Meredith said...

Brady is seven years old and STILL plays with my hair. Love those baby boys.

Ashley said...

Your pictures are amazing and the post was super sweet. Aunt Ashley LOVES you, Sambo Morgan!

Mrs. Bee said...

Psst! There may or may not be an award waiting for you over at my blog :)

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