Monday, February 28, 2011

Trouble in Toddlerville: Part II

Oh me.

My daughter.

What will I do with her?

I won't say much else; the pictures can do the talking. Let's just say that I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends on Saturday and left the cupcakes on the dining room table. Big mistake. Here is a sequence of pictures showing what we woke up to Sunday morning.


(This was the dish towel drawer that she opened. I'll give her credit for at least trying to cover her tracks.)




Monday, February 21, 2011

Monkey Bread

Here is an easy Monkey Bread recipe that is mmmm, mmmmm, good. It's also a very fun recipe for kiddos. I found it on the back of the canned biscuit label, and as soon as I saw it, I was like, "Umm yes. Forget biscuits for breakfast. We're totally making monkey bread." And we did. I have no regrets. So enjoy!

Here's what you'll need...


4 cans biscuits (the 7.5oz cans)
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 stick butter, melted
2 tsp cinnamon

A bundt pan is also a must. A helper is optional. I was lucky enough to have both.


First, you'll want to preheat your oven to 375 degrees and spray or grease your bundt pan. The more the better. This is a sticky sticky recipe.


Next, mix your sugar and cinnamon and dump into a large paper bag or a gallon ziplock.
Then, open all your biscuits and tear them each into fourths, or just into smaller chunks. Drop the chunks into your cinnamon sugar bag.


I would recommend only dropping about 20 or so pieces in at once, then give the bag a shake-shake-shake and take those pieces out and drop them into the bundt pan. Repeat the process until you've coated all your pieces with cinnamon/sugar and they're all in the pan, ready to go!


Melt your stick of butter and mix it with your brown sugar.


Pour this mixture over your biscuit pieces and it will look like this...


Now pop it in the oven and cook for 40-45 minutes! Let it cool and dump it out! You're ready to eat! It's best served warm so make sure you're hungry!


(Sorry for the "after" pictures. We were apparently really hungry so these were taken after a certain monkey had already put her fingers in it.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

So glad I caught this little episode on camera...

Here are the kiddos, sitting on the chair together, catching up on some Dora & Diego... (notice Mary Ella's pink legs) And if you'll look on the other side of Sam, you'll see that Mary Ella left her pack of Princess gummies sitting beside him.


Well, Sam picked up the gummies while she wasn't looking, and she gave him a dirty look.
(I love the look on Sam's face, too. Mwuahahaha!)


Then she attempted to take them back. Sam is a little stronger than I give him credit for, I must say!


She finally won them back, and he resorted to sucking his thumb and twirling his hair in his fingers. Poor Sambo :(

"I won! I won!"

She was at least nice enough to bring him some toys afterwards.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pop Tarts and Play Dough and Cake, Oh My!

I thought some of you might enjoy a couple recipes for your small kiddos. Nothing fancy or super creative, just something to do in the kitchen with the little ones...

Home Made PopTarts:

Get ready, this recipe is super difficult. Ready?
You'll need these three things...


You can be all fancy and make your own pie crust and all, and that'd probably be more fun, but 'round here we like to make things real fast, because the sooner we make 'em, the sooner we can eat 'em. Hence a ready made pie crust, ready made filling, and ready made full stomachs.

Just roll out your dough, cut out some shapes. I would recommend cookie cutters on the bigger side; like at least 4" in diameter. Ours were too small and needed more filling.


Place the pieces of your cut-out dough on a cookie sheet, dab on about 1 tbsp strawberry jelly, and place another cut-out of the same shape on top; use a fork to seal the edges. Beat your egg with 1 tsp water and brush over the entire pastry. Then pop them in the oven until the edges are golden brown, about 15 minutes. Done!


We ended up making some icing out of powdered sugar and water and added some purple sprinkles, just for fun. And we didn't take our time, either. Cause we were hungry! So excuse the sloppy pop tarts!


Home Made Play Dough

This is REALLY fun and it takes no time at ALL to make. The recipe makes a ton of playdough too, and so far ours has not dried out in the least bit (we have kept it in ziploc bags!)

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 T. cream of tartar
2 T. vegetable oil
2 cups water
food coloring

Mix dry ingredients in a large saucepan. Add all the wet ingredients and cook on medium high until a ball of dough forms. This takes only 3-5 minutes! Then plop your dough onto your kitchen counter. You're ready to play!


We divided our batch into about 8 parts so that we could make different colors. A couple drops of food coloring into a baseball sized ball works out just fine. I rolled my dough into balls, poked a hole in each one, and added a couple drops into the hole.


Then just knead the dough and it will turn colors. Your little ones will think this is really fun and will think you are"magic." My little one did not get to participate in this magic kneading because she is already a nice shade of pink from the waist down from our previous episode, so I colored the playdough myself. Either way it's a fun activity and it'll keep your kids busy for a while! When you're ready to store it, wrap it in plastic wrap or put in a ziplock bag. Otherwise it will dry out.


And last but not least, my Valentine showed up at the house EARLY Monday night with a full meal from Joe's Italian (our favorite) and a HUGE piece of their famous strawberry cake! He definitely knows how to win a girl's heart! And a certain little girl had a VERY happy Valentine's Day... Thanks, Chad! We love you! And cake! Here are some photos of my funny Valentines, minus Sam!


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