Monday, January 10, 2011

Life Lately, in list form.

I'll do this in list form, because none of these topics are related.

1. We didn't get snow here in BIrmingham, just 2 inches of solid ice. Which makes for soooo much fun. I can barely contain myself.

2. Last night Mary Ella and I made brownies from scratch because I happened to have all the ingredients in the pantry (I found the recipe on the back of a Baker's chocolate box. I used unsweetened chocolate.) I'll just say this - they are no better than regular brownie mix brownies. (Thanks to my neighbor Amber for letting me borrow a cup of flour.)

3. I wish I had a spray tan booth. I always feel better and skinnier when I am tan. This is terribly superficial and I am very aware of that.

4. Last year at this time I was wishing for some Dove Energy Glow lotion. I posted about it on my blog because they had quit selling it down here in the south, and did you know that within a few weeks I had received over 10 bottles of it in the mail? See, it's great to be a blogger. I am still so thankful to those of you that sent some my way! (I have since run out and now I want a spray tan machine.)

5. I am not sure what I ever did before having an iPhone. I am working on a "Favorite Apps" post.

6. I have turned my laundry room into a home office for me. I love it.

7. My neighbor Lindsey, who lives down the street, sold me her iMac for half of what she bought it for; just because she decided she wanted a laptop instead. So now I am selling my Macbook (laptop) for $700. It is basically brand spanking new (I mean, I've had it since April 2009) but I like the iMac better because it's easier to edit photos and the screen is bigger.) Anyone want a Macbook?

8. If I had extra money right now I would be spending all of it at the annual Ikea 60% off sale. I love Ikea. Love. Love. Love.

9. I have NO extra money right now because my dog came down with a horrible case of cellulitis right after Christmas. Her back right leg was extremely swollen and hot, and she was not putting weight on it. We finally took her to the vet and our bill was $468.00. Enter meltdown@thevet. Enter panicattack. Enter thankyouforgenerousparents who have helped us out.

10. For Christmas, my parents bought us a Best Buy gift card. We used it to buy a TV mount and we mounted our TV above our mantel. Now my mantel looks like crap. It used to be the prettiest part of my living room. I need help.

11. Because of #10 we also had to rearrange our entire living room. I like the new arrangement and have fallen in love with my house again because of it. Sometimes you just need a little switcheroo to rekindle the flame. But my mantel is still hurting in the pretty department.

12. I purged my closet on New Year's Day. I finally gave in and just told myself I will probably never be size *** again and I need to quit saving clothes in hopes that I'll get there. I got rid of a TON of stuff. It felt good. Afterwards.

13. I saw "Country Strong" with Jackie yesterday. I loved the characters, the acting, the SOUNDTRACK (wow!). But it was also weird and kind of dark and a little sad. I would see it again though. And I will definitely be getting the soundtrack. And a poster of Beau Hutton. Yes sir.

14. I watched The Craigslist Killer movie on Lifetime last night and then dreamed about it all night long. Scary. I still can't believe that actually happened to real people. So sad.

15. Mary Ella woke up early the other day and helped herself to my bag of Great Value Mountain Trail mix in the pantry. (Since she'e been in her big girl bed, she's become an early morning pantry raider as well. But usually she just gets her snacks - goldfish, poptarts, raisins, etc) I found her in her room, half the trail mix dumped on the floor. I asked her why she wanted trail mix instead of her snacks. She said, "I didn't want trail mix. I just wanted M&Ms." And after looking closely, I realized she had eaten every.single.M&M. out of the trail mix bag. Her teeth are going to rot.


Mrs. Bee said...

Mary Ella is my favorite little girl in the world. I pray all the time that my husband I have a little girl just like her. She seems to have the best personality and the cutest expressions. She's a doll and I just want to squeeze her! LoL You truly are a blessed woman!

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