Friday, January 28, 2011

Another List.

1. This list may bore you.

2. We've had a great January so far. We've been stuck inside for the most part, but what do you expect? I hear tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful 65 degrees though, so we're planning a family day OUTDOORS. Yay!

3. Because of cold weather and being stuck inside, I've been able to watch a lot of TV during naptimes. Two of my favorite shows are "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers" and if you haven't seen either, you are missing out. They come on the History Channel. Cause I am a dork. (I am also slightly addicted to pretty much any show on Investigation Discovery; you know, murders, forensics, that sort of thing. Awesome.)

4. Annnnd The Bachelor. What can I say, mindless reality television probably makes the best television. The Bachelor, to me, has now become hilarious and I pretty much fast forward through the "meaningful" conversations because, for one, how meaningful can they be when there are CAMERAS 2 INCHES from your FACE, and two, I'd much rather watch the one-on-ones of Michelle and the camera. Because like I said, it's just hilarious. And I know they all get caught up in the situation, yada, yada, yada, but I mean, COME ON GIRLS! How many seasons of this show do you have to watch to understand that HELLOOOO??! You are NOT THE ONLY GIRL THERE! He's gonna go on other dates! He's gonna tell you things you wanna hear. He's gonna "plan" (yeah right) the most romantic date you've ever been on and make you think you're the ONLY one. But hello?!? You're NOT. So please hold off on the tears and pathetic crying and the "I just didn't realize how hard this would be." Ummmm yes you did. You signed up for it. You DID NOT sign up for a 6 week tropical honeymoon with one amazing man. You signed up for a 6-week, no phone, no TV, no laundry, no housework, no brushingyourownhair stay in a mansion with 30 other women and 30+ camera/crew people. You signed up for what you've watched for 10 years now - drama, tears, heartbreak, amazing dates that no average man in the universe could dream up (MUCH LESS AFFORD!), roses that mean what? That you're the one? Hardly. PLEASE, LADIES. If you are planning to go on the Bachelor, go because you want to get away from life, to make some new girlfriends, to see parts of the country you've never seen, to do things you've never done (as in bungee jumping and zip-lining, not as in seeing how much tequila you can drink while sitting in a steamy Tahitian hot tub); do NOT go because you think some guy named Brad (who looks like Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is gonna change your life. Puh. Lease. THIS IS TV. PEOPLE. NOT REAL LIFE. GET.A.GRIP.

5. Now... whew... where was I? Oh yes, sitting on my couch, waiting for the next "most dramatic rose ceremony ever." Haha. Ok really...

6. No actually I was sitting at my desk, at midnight nonetheless, reading Reality Steve. Oh yes I did. And oh yes I love it. And no it does not change the quality of the show for me; just gives me a reason to relax while watching and know who gets sent home so I don't have an anxiety attack during that last commercial break. Thank you, Stevie, for your secret spy tactics. You're as good as gold... or as a Xanax.

7. So besides watching TV, I've been taking care of my wild Indian 2.5 year old who is hi-lar-i-ous. The other day I told her the story of Cinderella. She's not really into the whole princess thing at all but she seemed interested in the story. Later that afternoon she came into the kitchen with the broom and said, "Tell it to me, Mom!" I said "Tell you what?" And she said, "Tell it to me what they told Cinderella - sweep the floors, Cinderella!" So, of course, I say, "SWEEP THE FLOORS, CINDERELLA!" in my best evil stepmother voice, and she starts sweeping furiously. Then she says, "Tell it to me that I don't get to wear a pretty dress to the ballgame, just a dirty dress!" So I told her what she wanted me to say and she acted out the part of Cinderella. It was super funny. (And yes, I typed that correctly, she doesn't quite understand what the "ball" is so she calls it the "ballgame." Ha!)

8. Sam is doing great. He had his first surgery on January 20th with a urologist at Children's and everything went well. He's a busy bee with Early Intervention and has been doing pretty good. We're working hard at strengthening those core muscles by learning to sit up, doing baby crunches, ball exercises, lots of tummy time and practicing our rolls. We also do a lot of neck stretches with each diaper change, which he hates, but we gotta get this boy moving around! He is such a sweet, loving, chunk of a baby and I love him so much. I couldn't ask for an easier, more precious child, and although I'm pushing him to be more mobile, I'm definitely enjoying the fact that he's still cuddly and loves being held, cradled, rocked, etc. He's an angel baby.

9. I've been doing a lot of sewing, too. I finally learned to make pants with a super easy pattern from Etsy and it is SO SIMPLE! I've really been missing out and I'm just glad I learned so that I can make shorts and pants for the kids. Such a money saver and it'll be an easy way to make them matching clothes, too. I am going to try to post a simple tutorial online as soon as I get time and can stop long enough to take pictures in between stitches, but I would highly recommend Etsy for easy patterns. This one was sent to my e-mail account and basically you just print out the actual pattern, which is 3 pages, tape it together, and there you go! The PDF tutorial was also included and these will only run you $5-10. So worth it! And the best part is the instructions are step-by-step, super easy to understand and follow; AND your pattern is on regular paper, not that flimsy pattern stuff. There are no notches to match up, either. Perfect for sewing dummies like me. I've cranked out about 6 pairs of pants this week and appliqued shirts to match all of them. As soon as I can move closer to home, I am going to make my mom retire from teaching and we are going to open a store for children's clothing. Because have you seen my mom's stuff? If you haven't, you need to, because she's the most talented person I know. She has a new blog! Go HERE to see it.

10. I'm getting antsy and excited about the spring consignment sales. Giggles and Grace is only 3 weeks away! Woop woop!

I still have my Macbook for sale if anyone is interested or knows anyone that might be! Mint condition! $700.


Mrs. Bee said...

So I seriously thought I was going to have to go to rehab because I was having massive withdrawals from your blog and I'm so happy you posted! Your bachelor rant? Hilarious. Mary Ella's story? Cutest thing I've heard all week! Glad you had some time to post! Hope the weather stays nice and warm for ya'll tomorrow!


Ashley B said...

If you are in to Pawn Stars and American Pickers then you will love Storage Wars on A&E. I know you are into garage sales and such so you will love it!
I am so glad Sam is doing good. I have been praying for him!

Jennifer said...

Hi Haley!
The link to your mom's blog didn't work for me. I think you don't need the www. I sure want everybody to be able to see her stuff. It's awesome!

Love your blog. Thank you for sharing your family with the world.

- jennifer

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