Wednesday, January 5, 2011

7 Months

Sam Morgan is 7 months old!

Not too much has changed in the last month except that he has gained a lot of strength in his core muscles... and we haven't even started therapy yet! After we met with the E.I. people I decided to be a little more disciplined in his activity; so now, if he is awake and happy, he is in his exersaucer or the high chair or the johnny jumper. He did these things before, but I also let him lay on his back or on the boppy just as much, and now I'm hardly doing any of that. He has been able to play in his exersaucer for 15-20 minutes at a time which is really great for Sam. We're also doing some neck stretches during the day to help the range of motion in his neck muscles. He doesn't seem to mind any of it too much. We started Kindermusik this week and he laughed and smiled and "talked" throughout the class. He seemed to really enjoy the one on one attention and the movements, and of course the other sweet babies!


He is still eating baby food 3 times a day and he LOVES food. I can't feed it to him fast enough. If I pause too long between bites he'll start panting like a puppy dog, like he's getting anxious. He also pants if I look away from him for a few seconds, just to get my attention. He's learned to make a smacking noise with his lips and a clicking noise with his tongue and he tries to repeat these things when I do it. He is on formula exclusively and is taking 4 6-oz bottles a day, usually at 8,12,4 & 8. He sleeps like an angel and still loves his crib aquarium. He also loves anything silky and likes to pull his silky blanket over his face, suck his thumb, and go to sleep. I know this sounds weird, but he also loves my hair. I guess because there's no way around my hair, because I am a Duggar. He loves to grab it and pull it to his face, and he'll treat it the same way he does his silky blankies; he'll grab some of my hair with his thumb sucking hand, then pull his thumb to his mouth and go right to sleep; it's comforting to him for some reason. Maybe that means my hair is silky smooth and healthy. Thank you, Pantene. :) And speaking of hair, Sam's is growing! I think he may end up having more hair than his sister. Wellllll maybe not.


He likes to grab my face when I hold him close to me and I love it. He is a real snuggle bug; loves to be held close and loves to rock. I love that he's content just being held and I hope that doesn't change, even when he gets to be mobile. He laughs out loud when he's tickled, thrown in the air, or when Mary Ella makes certain faces/noises. He also laughs when I make car noises or make a fish face. He can "pat pat pat" on his books and can "find his toes" and will occasionally shake his head "no," not on purpose of course, but we all think it's hilarious and will ask him questions while he's doing it just to get a laugh.


Sam's definitely a teething machine, although there are no visible tooth buds yet. He chews on everything he can get his hands on, and if nothing is within reach he'll chew on his hands or on his bib. I've figured out that the Gerber baby food spoons with the rubber ends are great for teething. Dab a little baby food on the end and he'll go to town. So far it hasn't made him too terribly fussy, just snotty and drooly. But he LOVES chewing on those spoons.

(This is from my iPhone, and he's wearing an old bib of Mary Ella's. Oops.)

I love this little boy with all my heart! He is truly a good and perfect gift!


{Amanda} said...

Wow, can't believe 7mos has passed by so quickly!

PS that bib was blue so technically the flowers don't make it too girly...right?

Kristy said...

Haley, he is ADORABLE! And I am starting to see more resemblances between him and his cutie pie sister.

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