Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Resolutions

1. Get in shape. Lose weight. Be serious about it, so that this doesn't have to be a resolution in 2012. (I am off to a great start, by the way, with the help of an amazing iPhone app! I'll write about it in a different post, but it's already made a world of difference in my eating habits and my general mood!)

2. Stick with my new morning routine. This year I made it a resolution to get up extra early (5:30-6am) to have time to myself to do what I need to do; for me, this involves reading, a big cup of coffee, a laundry load or two, and some Today Show watching. So far this has also made a huge difference in how I feel throughout the day. Instead of waking up when I hear Sam, and walking half asleep to his room to get him and then starting my day off my feeding him/drinking coffee/trying to read at the same time, I am up a good 2 hours before he even makes a peep. It's been great to have some "me" time at the beginning of my day, to pray, read, and just sit!

3. Read. I want to read more books this year than last year. I've started with this book, "Don't Make Me Count to Three," recommended by a blogger friend Joy. I can't tell you what an eye opener this has been for me and what an amazing resource I know this will be for years to come. It's a book about discipline and it's loaded with scripture, insight, and encouragement. I would highly recommend it for anyone with kids, especially kids that are getting into mischief and entering the toddler stage.

4. Be intentional - as a wife, mother, homemaker, friend, etc. I don't want to go through the routines of my every day life without realizing that what I am doing has eternal impact, for my family and my friends and everyone around me. It's easy to get run down as a mother and think, "Geez, how can washing dishes and doing laundry and changing diapers and cleaning up spit up really glorify God?!?" Instead I want to use every moment with intention and use His word to encourage me and help me to realize that I am exactly where He wants me to be, doing exactly what He wants me to do at this time in my life.

5. Learn to make pants and shorts. With a sewing machine. Any tutorials or easy pattern recommendations appreciated!


Mrs. Bee said...

Oh what wonderful resolutions! I may even pick up that book to read BEFORE we have kids just to feel a little more prepared!! Unfortunately I don't know how to sew so I can't help you with your last resolution but I think these are great! What a wonderful way to start off 2011!!

The Moore Family said...

That book sounds like something I need to read! Where can I get a copy?

Katie said...

Those are great! Are you referring to the calorie counter app? Ben has that and it is great/awful! haha! I found out that one of the salads I always got at Jason's Deli had 1900 calories!!!!!! hahaha! Who knew? It has been an eye opener for sure!

I have "resolved" to get up earlier as well but I am failing miserably. Any tips on how make yourself get up with the alarm?? :)

We are BLESSED. said...

Thanks, Mrs.Bee! I love your blog! You are so hilarious!

Bonnie - I bought the book on Amazon! It is pretty cheap too, under $10!

Katie - I wish I had tips for actually crawling out of bed; sometimes I wish I had my coffee maker set up right beside my bed - ha! But basically I just make myself do it. Once I get to my coffee, I'm fine. Oh - I do set my coffee maker on a timer so that it's ready when I get up. And I go to bed by 9pm every night so that helps too! Happy BDAY! I'm gonna call you in a little while!

Beth- the mama bee said...

My grandma reads your blog and often sends my links to read (I'm under the impression that my aunt maybe teaches with your mom?) anyway... I also get up most days before the family and get my work out in, shower, check my email, have some quiet before the day begins and it has made a big difference in my day. We aren't rushing around in the morning (as much) and I'm clear headed when the others crawl out of bed.

on another note, pants and shorts are going to be easy peasy to learn. They are one of the first things I teach in my sewing classes. There are many good tutorials online to walk you through it. You don't even need a pattern, just a nicely fitting existing pair of pants. You can do this for sure!

Good luck with all the other goals too!

jj said...

I hope you enjoy the book! I think its a really good one, I need to reread it! Thanks for mentioning me :) Have a great day!

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