Thursday, June 24, 2010

What We've Been Up To...

Loving on baby boy...
mom and sam

Dressing baby boy in cute gowns and bubbles (Thank you, Baby Elon, for loaning us all of your precious premie/newborn gowns and outfits! I had bought NOTHING in the NB size because I expected to have another 9 pound child; Elon's mommy Jackie hooked me up with an entire bag of cuteness, all in teeny sizes for my teeny little man. THANK YOU!)
little brother

Playing at shady parks in our crocs...

Dressing in Granny Carolyn's sweet smocked dresses and letting Mommy take pictures... (cheeeesy smile)


Watching Daddy play softball...

Running wild...
running 2

Figuring out how to balance Alabama humidity with these curls... (I actually cut her hair this week too, at the recommendation of my mom's hairdresser; it was getting way frizzy and matted with all this heat. She recommended I just snip the ends, and it really made a huge difference. Check those curls!)

Finding ways to stay cool... including ice cream, cold washcloths, and going shirtless. Just the kids, not me. :)
cool cloth
ice cream face 2
ice cream hands

And last but not least, sleeping... whenever we have time...
sam bubble1

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Weeks.

Sam turned 2 weeks old yesterday so this morning we headed to see Dr. Anderson at the clinic. Sam weighs 8 pounds, 6 ounces and has grown 2 inches - he was 21.5 inches long. He got a good report from Dr. A and afterwards we all headed to Chic Fil A for some breakfast, then to Star Lake in Hoover to feed the ducks. It was my first time actually being out and about with both kiddos and despite the heat, it was really fun and not nearly as stressful as I imagined it would be; don't get me wrong, I was sweating bullets after our time at the park, especially after putting both kids in their car seats and loading up the stroller, bags, etc. Ugh! It's H.O.T. After the park we came home and Mary Ella played with her water table out on the porch for a while. Now both babies are sleeping and I'm sitting down for the first time since 7am! Ahhhhh.

Chad decided to grow some heirloom tomatoes this year in the backyard. They started off as teeny sprouts and now they are all producing some fruit. I'm not a huge fan of eating tomatoes unless they are cooked or in some sort of casserole, so I need to gather some recipes before we harvest our first crop; otherwise we'll have 'maters coming out our ears and I'd hate to have to open my own produce stand in this heat. Mary Ella enjoyed checking on them with Chad the other night. She didn't want to come inside, even though it was 100 degrees and the humidity was like 150%.

Two weeks from now this little tot will be TWO! I can't believe it. I love me some Mary Ella.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Favorite Mommy Things

A few of my favorite things lately... mostly things that have just made life easier in the past 2 weeks. These are in no particular order, but #8 might be my absolute favorite at the moment.

1. Paper plates Yay for saving time, not having to do dishes, and therefore getting to spend more time with my little man. Usually not worth the money, but when a newborn arrives, almost anything is worth the money.

2. Pack n Play Instead of using my family's bassinet, we opted to use the Pack n Play in our room this time; I got a great deal on a Pack n Play last year at the Huntsville Toys R Us, and this time it's been a lifesaver! Sam is sleeping in the changing table part of it right now, on his little sleeping wedge; he's right at my level when I'm sitting up, so it's easy to pick him up in the middle of the night (we have the Pack n Play positioned right next to our bed so I don't even have to get up and walk over to him.) This one also has compartments for diapers and wipes and 2 other compartments which are perfect for other odds and ends - cell phone, butt paste, nose aspirator, paci, etc. I love it.

3. Aden and Anais Swaddlers Ohhhhh these are the best blankies ever! Perfect for swaddling and they are so warm and cuddly. They are made from muslin and come in all kinds of cute prints. We have the giraffe and the monkey prints. And for you Florence people, you can get them for $10 at PolkaDots! That's a great deal! Or find them on the web here.

4. Munchkin changing pads I'd heard about it a milion times but never experienced the reality until we actually had our own little boy. They pee EVERYWHERE! ALL THE TIME! Sometimes 3 or 4 times in a single diaper change! Well, these munchkin changing pads have saved us many laundry loads. They are just absorbable pads you can put down on top of your changing pad cover, so that when they pee or poop, it doesn't get on anything. Perfect for little boys. Although I am little perturbed that they used to come in packs of 25 or so at Target, and now they have made bigger pads and they only come in packs of 10. A little expensive for what they are but again, anything goes with a newborn if it makes your life a little easier :)

5. DVR I tried to think of every possible show I wanted to watch before we went into the hospital and I set my DVR to record all of them. Some of my favorites are The Bachelorette (Hello, Roberto!), Hell's Kitchen, Wipeout, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, and some HGTV shows that I love. It's been great having some shows to watch while nursing or settling down before bed.

6. Tervis Tumbler I've bragged on this item before, but these tumblers are the absolute greatest! They are no-sweat plastic cups that will keep your drink ice cold for hours on end. They don't require coasters and they fit into a car's cupholder too. Breastfeeding makes me deathly thirsty so this has definitely come in handy.

7. iPhone and the unlimited messaging plan I know my family/friends are probably more grateful for this than I am, but I loooove the fact that AT&T has an unlimited messaging plan that includes texts, picture messages and video messages too. I probably send 10-20 photos a day and I am thankful I don't have to watch my limit or pay extra for them! The plan is $20 a month I think but so worth it... especially if you have a newborn and have family that lives far away.

8. Archer Farms Monster Cookie Ice Cream This picture is only half of the goodness. Here's what it says on the outside of the package: "Sinfully indulgent peanut butter ice cream blended with candy coated chocolate pieces and oatmeal cookies." Ummmm yeah. I don't think I need to say anything more. Located in the freezer section at your local Target.

Thank you and good night.

Monday, June 14, 2010

my sweet boy

Sam endured his first photo shoot with his camera crazy Mama today and he was such a trooper. Here are some of our sweetest moments...


Sam is still being a good baby, only fussing for a moment when he's being changed or when he realizes he might be a little hungry. Other than that he pretty much just sleeps and poops. He's been an easy baby so far and I pray it continues. Mary Ella comes home tomorrow and I am ready to see her! It's been way too quiet around here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update and Few Pics

We've had a pretty good week so far. Sam's newborn check-up went well; he weighed 8 pounds even, only 2 ounces shy of his birth weight. He's waking up a little more during the day and still eating every 3 hours. I forgot how sleepy newborns can be! It's nice, because I can get things done, but at the same time I've been like, "Is this NORMAL??!" He seems to be a pretty laid back baby; doesn't cry much at all and he loooooves his mama. And I think he's figured out that I'm his food source because every time I hold him he starts rooting around and acting like a hungry baby bird. Bless... I love it.

Mom is here today because Chad went back to work. She brought a roast with her and some fresh veggies from their garden, so she's cooking for us tonight. She'll go back to Florence tomorrow and I think Mary Ella's talked her into letting her come to the compound. I'm gonna let her go, only because I feel like we've totally deprived her of fun this week. Bless her heart, she wakes up every morning and says "Pool? Bathing suit?" and I have to be like, "Sorry baby, maybe we can go later this week..." knowing that it probably won't happen, just because Sam is so small and I never know what the weather will be like anyway. I'm trying to make time with her every day, reading her books or watching movies or just cuddling with her. She has been cracking me up lately; seems like she's hit a growth spurt since Sam came into the world, especially with her vocabulary and her sense of humor. This morning she came into the bathroom when I happened to be pumping; I finished and was getting dressed and she pointed at me and said, "Mama... one, two, twooooo boobies." HA! I died laughing. She has also pretended to breast feed her baby doll and has been mimicking me in every way she can; she'll come up to Sam and say "Ohhh, mama's sweet baby" or "What a BIG boy!" and it melts my heart. She has been such a good girl this week in spite of the lack of attention and the huge transition of having another baby in the house. It's funny, but once you have a newborn you kind of realize how BIG your "baby" (or toddler) really is... when we went to get my staples out the other day, we stopped at Chic Fil A on the way home to eat. Before Sam was born, we would have gotten Mary Ella a high chair and poured her kids meal drink into her sippy cup; but when we ate there this week, she sat in the booth with us and drank a Sprite out of a fountain cup. I almost cried. She's such a big girl now.

Well, I'll post more later. My kiddos are calling. Here are few pics from this week so far, including the finished nursery. Thanks, Gran, for the curtains! They are PERFECT!

sam nursery 2

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Update

Did I mention that I have a precious little boy? I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something wonderfully different about having a little boy. I am completely and totally enamored with him and can't quit kissing his cheeks and his double chin and his tiny feet. He is just so sweet. He cries about once a day, must be woken up at night to remind him that he is indeed hungry, and he spends most of his time being held by his Momma, because like I said, I can't put him down! When he is awake, I talk to him and if I try to move him where he can't see me, he will just stretch that little neck around and try to find me with his eyes... ohhhh I love it.

We are all doing well. I am very sore from the surgery but have managed to get some things put away and organize his room. Mary Ella is coming around; at first she was a little shell shocked and didn't really offer her affections without being asked to; but today she has been warming up to him - kissing him, patting him, offering him toys, and then tonight when I sat him up to burp him, she goes "Hey there, big boy!" It was so sweet! She does call him "Elon" 90% of the time and can't quite understand that this is not Elon, this is Sam, but we're working on it! I even called him Elon last night - ha!

Today we just hung out at home. Chad and Mary Ella went to Publix and bought groceries and I tried my best to resist the urge to hold this cuddle bug all day so that I could put some things away and get his nursery organized. He is nursing every 3 hours and being kissed every 3 seconds, a healthy balance if you ask me! I haven't taken any pictures with my Canon since I've been home but I plan to do that at some point this week! Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician for our newborn checkup.

I love my Sam.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sam's Story

I'll try to make this quick, although I can't make any promises, seeing as how I am completely smitten with this little fellow. And you would be, too, if you could cuddle up with these sweet cheeks every night...
sam hat 2

Wednesday was such a wonderful day. I woke up at 5:30 am and I was a bundle of nerves. I took a hot bath at home and then went back to bed and slept from around 6-8am. Then I got up, showered (again) and finished all my last minute primping and packing. Mom was feeding Mary Ella breakfast right before we left; we told her we would see her at the hospital and she gave the thumbs up!
thumbs up

We drove to St. Vincent's and arrived a little late but they got me checked in pretty fast, and within 10 minutes of being there I was put into a hospital gown, given an IV, signing all kinds of consent forms, and having my little boy monitored. I was having some decent contractions when I got there and my nurse, Pam, said this was such a good sign because it proved my body was indeed ready for labor! Things seemed to go a lot faster this time and at 11:40 we walked to the operating room and I received my spinal epidural. The nurses and anesthesia team in the operating room were absolutely fantastic and the whole time I was in there, I felt like I was in a room with people I'd known for years. We were all laughing and cutting up and everyone was guessing what baby Sam would weigh! I had guessed 9 pounds even. Dr. Hudson guessed 8 pounds, 14 ounces, and was confident that he'd win the contest, since he'd guessed Mary Ella's weight dead-on two years ago. Chad was able to video the entire operation and I just laid there on the table and talked with everyone and tried to fight my nervousness by being silly.
crazy mama

At 12:15pm Samuel Ellis Morgan was born and everyone in the operating room told him Happy Birthday and loved on him while suctioning out his little airways and cleaning him off. I heard him cry right away and he was a little gurgly with all that fluid but eventually he turned pink and started getting louder. When they brought him over to me I couldn't believe how small he looked compared to Mary Ella! She was a butterball turkey at 9 pounds, 8 ounces, and she was born an entire week earlier than Sam. They weighed him and he was 8 pounds, 2 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Chad and I were like, "Wow! He's TINY!" and everyone was laughing because an 8-pounder is not typically considered a small baby, but to us he was and is itty bitty.
proud family 2

They let me hold baby Sam as they rolled us back to our room and we passed the waiting room and got to wave at the family. I was pretty emotional and just overwhelmed with joy. We did his first bath in the room and Mary Ella was able to watch and help a little bit which was fun and sweet for her. She didn't really know what to think; just kept staring at him and watching what the nurse was doing. I don't think it will really hit her until we get home; we have visited so many babies and had so many babies visit us at home, that I think she may not yet realize that this one is not just a visitor or visitee; this one is OURS! For good! So we'll see how she adjusts once we go home.

Then she went to get her grandparents so that they could see her little brother. Here she is dragging MeMama and Mimi down the hallway, with Grandaddy and Poppa following close behind.

They just oooh'd and ahhh'd until they were given the go-ahead, then they fought over who could hold him first. No, not really. They behaved and took turns.

Sam is wonderful in every way. I look at him and see his sweet Daddy - he is calm and content and very laid back. He seems to only cry when he is cold and he is a deep sleeper; difficult to wake up! I've changed many a diaper and outfit for the sole purpose of getting him to wake up to eat! But he's nursing like a champ and tonight he's already had 2 hour-long sessions! I love this sweet time with him and I am trying to do my best to share him with all our visitors, although I'll admit it is difficult! He is just so precious and cuddly and soft. I love him and I want to cherish these first sweet days with him. We are headed home tomorrow morning.

I want to say thank you to everyone for their sweet prayers, and believe me, I have felt each and every one of them. My experience this time has been a complete breeze compared to last time, and I attribute that to lots of prayer warriors and my exceptional nurses, who have offered me wonderful instructions and pain prevention tips which have helped tremendously. Wish I'd had some of these nurses on my last go 'round! I was able to shower by myself and get up and walk by myself and my pain has been controlled well by the medications. I am so thankful for that because as you know, I was extremely anxious and worried about the pain.

I will leave you with some more sweet pictures of Sam... and a video of his first bout with hiccups.
sweet hands
sweet eyes


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