Saturday, December 18, 2010


I can't remember exactly when, but at some point during the plague of sickness we decided to transition Mary Ella to a big girl bed. I had originally planned to let her sleep in her crib until she was able to crawl completely out of it, but when she began waking us up with "Maaaammmaaa Heeellllpp!" and I'd find her straddling the top rail, I figured I better go ahead and transition her before we added another ER visit to our resume. Plus I was sick and tired of washing her crib sheets over and over and over again, because we all know there is no easy way to change a crib sheet, without getting everything out and lifting the mattress out and then having to put everything back in... so, we made the switch.

Now, instead of this...


Her room looks like this...



I can hardly take it. Surely this doesn't mean she's a "big girl."
No, she's not. She's still in diapers. YAY! Wait a minute...

Anyway, this was a fun project for us and it's been neat to have a new home improvement project to work on along with our holiday decorating. We had actually painted her walls a while back and we went with "Ballet Pink" Valspar paint from Lowe's. The twin bed was a lucky find; it was sitting outside of an antique store in my hometown and I happened to walk by and admire it, thinking, "Wow, what a cute bed. It's probably $1000." (Because it resembles some of the PB twin beds.) To my surprise, the tag showed $600, which was still wayyy more than I intended to spend. The owner saw me browsing outside the store and came out and told me that her son had found the bed at an estate sale and that he'd had it forever and needed to get it off his hands. So she sold it to me for $100. Score. I already had twin mattresses at home so this was a steal.


The bedding is a PB Kids quilt (not sure of the exact pattern) that was given to us by our good friends before Mary Ella was born. The pink pillow sham is from the PB Zoey bedding collection (I wish I could afford the entire Zoey set because I love it! It matches her pink walls and it's little chick birds. But the sham will do for now.) I am not a huge theme person when it comes to kids stuff, but I love the birdie/owl themes right now. So I bought the owl pillow and the tree decals at Target. I also bought the large white quilted sham at Target.

I hated to get rid of the wooden letters that reminded me of her nursery, so I removed the ribbons and put adhesive tape on the back of them and just stuck them to the wall, above her "thinkin chair."


Her room is teeny tiny but she has this cute little window nook that makes the perfect play area. The cross stitched alphabet above her kitchen was in my nursery as a baby.


Now, as far as her transition has gone, she's done okay. I was definitely not used to her being able to get up and walk to our room, so the first few mornings that I saw a big eyed, afro-headed little person in my doorway as I squinted at the break of dawn, it was a little freaky. As in, The Shining freaky. Then she figured out that she didn't really need to come in our room at all. So for the next few weeks we woke up to our fridge alarm beeping and we'd find her in the pantry or digging through the freezer. One morning she even turned on the TV by herself, and I after hearing the fridge beeping, I got up, walked into the living room and found her watching The Today Show and licking a corn dog. Awesome. We've had to break a few of our own rules to get her to use her bed, such as letting her use our TV in there to watch a movie, and usually she's out in 5 minutes. We've taken the TV out of there and although it's still difficult to get her to settle down and go to sleep, she's been better about it in the last couple weeks. She's yet to fall out of the bed and she really seems to love her room overall. I can't believe she's almost 2 1/2 years old!


Courtney said...

OMG! LOVE the owls and birds!! If this is a baby girl I will be using the same sort of accents!! We're going to be transitioning C to a big boy bed closer to the time of baby's arrival ... I'm scared!!

The Little Family said...

We don't have another baby in the house, so the monitor is now in the "big room" with a door knob cover so she can't get out. I can't imagine the damage that could be done throughout our house if she were free while I was snoozing. Her room is absolutely adorable!

jessica said...

Adorable room! You're so creative! Your little girl's growing up, Haley! Can't believe it!

Rebecca said...

Love the new "big girl" room.... adorable!! I found a much much much easier way to deal with crib sheets...Clouds and Stars Quickzip sheets. You can change it without moving the mattress. It's so easy! I'll never go back! :)

{Amanda} said...

Adorable! I really like how you've repurposed the letters. The bed is so cute! Yay for ME's big girl room!!!

PS her room isn't teeny tiny-girl, you should see Baby D's future nursery. Makes me want to cry!

Perkins Family said...

Mary Ella's room is adorable!

The Penter Family said...

CUTE room!

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