Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the season...


For all things Christmas! I love decorating for both fall and Christmas; I wish my house could be decorated for one or the other year round. We've had fun dragging out our boxes of ornaments and garland and putting everything in its place. I have posted some of these ideas before, but holiday decor never gets old; I enjoy looking at different blogs for new ideas each year and hopefully these ideas will inspire some of you! I'd love to hear some of your ideas, too, so get crafting! And then blog about it!


Have you seen these countdown to Christmas charts in Pottery Barn and Land of Nod? They run anywhere from $50-100.

Well, you can make one yourself with ... you guessed it... felt and a glue gun! (Pretty sure I could solve all the world's problems with felt and a glue gun.) Just cut out your Christmas tree, 25 3x5" squares for the pockets, and numbers. I free-handed the numbers so that it would look more home made, but you can use a stencil if you want. It'll just take more time. Glue it all together (make sure you only glue 3 sides of the squares down, leaving the top open like a pocket. Add a candy cane counter to jump from square to square and your kids will have fun counting down the days until Santa arrives!

Felt costs $5.99/yd just about anywhere and you can make this with 1 yard of felt and a bunch of felt 8x10 squares (in the craft section at Hobby Lobby, 25 cents a sheet). All in all it costs about $10 + labor. (Normally I wouldn't add in the "plus labor" part, but hey, its a glue gun and you will get burnt and probably say some ugly words in the process. Just keeping it real, here.)

For Halloween I painted these "BOO" canvases and so for Christmas I wanted something similar to sit on top of our piano. JOY!


Our mantle is topped with lit garland, a glass hurricane full of red and green apples, and some metal present boxes (red ones are from Big Lots, green one from Hobby Lobby.) And of course our stockings; they are from PB Kids and we decided on the train stocking for Sam. Still need to get it monogrammed. Down by the fireplace is another felt project - remember our ghosts from Halloween? This is the same concept - a metal floral stand from Hobby Lobby, and the felt Christmas tree is over it.


A metal bucket full of ornament balls! This is last year's craft but still so cute! A metal bucket from Lowe's, ribbon, and a letter to go on the front. My letter is made out of a scrap of linoleum floor but a cheap flat wooden letter from a craft store would do the trick. Just paint it, polka dot it, and hot glue it! Fill your bucket with ornament balls for a cute table decoration. (Might wanna set this one up high, out of the reach of little fingers.)


A gingerbread house is a fun activity for your kids that can also double as a Christmas decoration. They look cute sitting anywhere! Ours is on top of our dining room buffet. I bought the kit 2 years ago at Target after Christmas and forgot about it last year, so it was a fun surprise to pull it out of the box last week. I did the icing and let Mary Ella put the candy wherever she wanted. These kits are pretty easy to use and they really aren't as messy as I thought they'd be.


Need a way to display your Christmas cards without things looking cluttered? Or are you like me and you save ALL of your previous years' cards from your friends and then need a way to display them year after year? Well, here's an idea (thanks to my Mom, of course). Punch holes in all of them and slide a metal ring through; add a bow with some cute ribbon and then you can put them on your coffee table, on your countertop, wherever! I keep all of them from the same year on one ring; 2008, 2009 and so on... (I bought the metal rings at Target in the paper supplies section; they are called "binder rings" and my only complaint is that they are multicolored instead of just plain silver. They work GREAT though!)


You can also display your own family's previous years' cards by punching a hole in them, adding some ribbon, and turning them into an ornament for your Christmas tree...

If you already have a plate rack in your kitchen, switch your plates to some Christmas ones. This is an easy switcheroo and will bring in the Christmas cheer!

Just a few more shots of things around the house...

(Yes, that's a table runner. And yes it's made of felt. Don't hate. Appreciate.)

(plates from Big Lots, last year)

"Ho Ho Ho" banner, made from scrapbook paper


Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! More posts to come!



{Amanda} said...

Love your Christmas decor! Oh I got some good ideas too =) Very inspiring!!!

H, where do you get the big pieces of felt? I have the 8.5x11, but nothing like your table runner and on the tree.

The Jordans said...

Ugh...thanks for making my house look not festive at all.....!!! HAHAHA just kidding kind of, everything looks great. I have got a lot of catching up to do :)

Kristy said...

cute ideas, Haley. I'm already going to get started on the Christmas Card displays books. So fun!

Amy said...

So, I just finished my Christmas decor blog and felt pretty good about it, UNTIL I checked your blog and saw this. Your house looks amazing! Seriously- I'm so flippin jealous! I just don't have the room or the furniture to put all these cute little extra things on. Maybe i will acquire them in the years to come. Also, I just ordered my first gingerbread house kit online friday. I'm pumped!!

We are BLESSED. said...

Hey Amanda - I get my felt at Hobby Lobby in the fabric section; it comes on a HUGE bolt so usually 1-2 yards is plenty for this kind of project!

Thanks for the sweet comments, yall.

Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

Very cute! Your house looks super festive!

Perkins Family said...

Your house looks amazing! Merry Christmas!

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