Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sambo Morgan and Early Intervention


Yesterday we had Early Intervention Services come to our house to evaluate Sam. For those that don't know, Early Intervention is a statewide program that allows children to receive all kinds of services - physical/occupational/speech therapy, vision/hearing services, social work, transportation, nursing, nutrition, etc - depending on their needs. The best thing about it is that it is FREE to qualifying kiddos and they come to your home to provide these services! My pediatrician, in addition to referring Sam to outpatient therapy, also gave me a brochure about Early Intervention, and at the suggestion of a good friend, I called them to get an evaluation scheduled. They came out yesterday and we found out that Sam does qualify! A huge blessing! To qualify, as I understand it, you have to be at least 25% delayed in either motor, cognitive, speech, social and/or self help development. Well, Sam qualified in the motor area so we will be receiving Early Intervention services (physical therapy) at our home starting in January! I am really excited. Hopefully we will have him caught up on his motor skills in the next few months. (For those that don't know, Sam is a little behind as far as gross motor skills are concerned - he has yet to roll over, and he doesn't sit up or put weight on his legs and also has a hard time being on his tummy or playing in an upright position!) Maybe by spring I will have a mobile baby boy. (Never thought I'd be wishing for that day!) :)

Anyway, I appreciate all the sweet comments/emails/facebook messages asking about him and offering encouragement. It helps so much to know people who've had the same stuff going on and have bouncing, bubbling babies now!


Erin said...

I am a Special Ed Preschool Teacher and WAY TO GO MOMMA for getting your sweet little Sam evaluated early . . . I know he'll be sitting, crawling and running circles around you before you know it :)

Mrs. Bee said...

I agree with what Erin said- it helps that she's my best friend but I know she knows what she's talking about! So wahoo to you!!

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