Sunday, December 5, 2010

Long time, no blog.

I'm getting reallllly bad at blogging, aren't I? I almost cried when I realized that fall was OVER and that I had not posted ONE SINGLE FALL RECIPE. Boo. Truth is, I didn't have time to make much of anything. Between my kids being sick for almost 6 weeks (yes, you read that right) and me being overwhelmed (to say the least), I am lucky I am still here! This is likely to be a long random post and full of pictures, starting with... you guessed it... catching up on our fall.

We celebrated Halloween! My kids were donuts. Well, Sam was the donut hole. I saw the costume idea in PB Kids and after making our felt ghosts, I was pretty confident that I could do almost anything with some felt and and a glue gun, so I made both their costumes for under $10. Since then, I have not put my glue gun down. I think I have a slight obsession. More on that later.


Mary Ella loved trick or treating and she would walk up to each door and say, "LOOK!!!" And show them her bucket full of candy. Every time they'd give her more candy to put in her bucket, she'd just stare at it like, "Wow, this is really happening." It was so fun to watch.


Sam had a slight cold but still managed to pull off some sweet smiles. I could eat him up! I love me some donuts.


Here are some of the kids at our neighborhood block party...


We had a wide array of characters, including little miss Madison who was Alice in Wonderland (bottom right corner.) She and her family go all out for Halloween every year. So naturally when we saw little Alice walking up, we knew her parents would soon follow. And when I say "all out," I mean ALL OUT. Take a look at her Daddy...


And her Mommy, aka the Queen of Hearts...


Other fun costumes included dinosaurs,


super heroes (or villains? I don't know),


a police man and his peacock sister,


sweet little witches,


and an owl.

This is Sara Bentlee, and I also made her costume out of felt. Just glued some felt owl feathers to an old baby gown and some eyes and a nose to a hat. Wah-lah!

We also welcomed sweet baby Gage to his first block party, even though he was too little to get to stay very long. Sweet angel...


Somewhere along the way, I know we spent some weekends at the Compound... I know that because I have pictures, not because I remember the dates of those weekends or what happened. Here are Jack, Addie and Mary Ella in the wagon behind my parents' house.


I managed to somehow catch this picture of Mary Ella and Addie Jane and it is my most favorite picture that I have ever taken.


I took Mary Ella and her friend Aniston to see "Disney Princesses on Ice." They loved it. Mary Ella isn't into the princess thing yet but Mickey and Minnie came out between every princess and she loves Mickey Mouse so the show kept her entertained.


We watched a LOT of football with family and friends. Here are the kids with their buddies; Aniston, Griffin and Sara Bentlee.


For Thanksgiving, my friend/neighbor Lindsey and her husband Jason invited us down to their beach house for a long weekend. Although we hated missing the big feast with our families, we couldn't pass up this opportunity! Our kids were sick from October 4th all the way through November 23rd, two days before we left for the beach. So needless to say, this was a NICE and MUCH NEEDED escape for our entire family. Just what the doctor ordered. And their place was so nice and accommodating!

This was the back patio of the house! Outdoor kitchen/bar area, grill, hot tub, sauna, pool... who could ask for more!


The kids had a blast! We enjoyed lounging around, eating, shopping at Pier Park, relaxing and of course watching more football.
Griffin and Mary Ella are the same age and are in the same class at school. They are best buddies, and maybe a little more... hmmmm...


Sam was his usual self and enjoyed getting a break from his normal routine.


Now, I think that catches us up on our fall season. For the record, we have remained sickness-free since November 23rd (although Mary Ella is up at the Compound at the moment and Mom tells me she has a cold; but I'll take a cold over ear infections, croup, and the HORRIBLE stomach bug we had for 2 weeks!) I hope all of you have been enjoying the weather and taking advantage of these last few weeks of sunshine and warmth before it gets too chilly!

I have another post coming shortly, regarding Christmas crafts, our tree, some changes around the house and Christmas lists! Yay for the holiday season! I love this time of year!


{Amanda} said...

Bless your heart! So I'd have to say a 6-wk sickness stint just Glad you're all better and when can I get my hands on Mr. Sambo Morgan?

Love the post...we need a playdate update ASAP =)

Holly Moore said...

OMG those pictures of Mary Ella and her school (boy)friend are so great-hilarious!!!

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