Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010 (Part 1)

Well, Christmas has come and gone and the new year has arrived! 2011! We are blessed to have such wonderful families and reasons to celebrate the holidays. We had a great Christmas and I've taken down all my decorations (sad!) and have started working on resolutions for 2011. I always love thinking of my resolutions and really trying to reach my goals; some years I do ok, some years I forget all about them, but it's fun either way to look back at the year and then set goals for the year ahead. Here's a record of our Christmas, just for me to remember. I was TERRIBLE about taking pictures this year, but I was trying to soak up the fun with my kiddos. (In fact, the picture you see below of the kids' loot from Santa was taken AFTER they had played with their toys, had destroyed the den, and had eaten breakfast AND lunch. I chose to video tape them instead of taking pictures, so when I realized I had never taken a picture of their Santa toys I freaked out a little and set it all back up, just the way he left it. Hehe...) Anyway...

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed Christmas with Chad's family at his parents' house. We ate the traditional Christmas dinner, complete with turkey and dressing and everything that goes along with it. We bought presents for all the kiddos (Mary Ella, Sam, and my nephews Brooks and Case) and we bought stocking stuffers for the adults. I had a calendar made on Shutterfly for Chad's mom with pictures of all the kids and I was surprised at how great it turned out! If you ever need a personalized calendar I would highly recommend Shutterfly - GREAT quality and very durable. Mary Ella loved all of her gifts, including some Melissa & Doug slice n bake cookies and an ice cream set, some PB Kids donuts and cupcakes, and a bunch of My Little Pony stuff from Aunt Keri Lynn.


My nephews are the sweetest boys! Brooks is 6 and Case just turned 3. They are loving and cuddly (well, Case I'm sure WOULD be cuddly if I could ever catch the little rascal long enough to love on him! haha!)


and they are so sweet to Mary Ella. They really are; they take good care of her and I know they always will! I had fun watching the kids play together and experience the joy of Christmas gift giving.


We bought Brooks a Toy Story game for the Wii and his expression was so cute...


Here is Sam and Grandaddy, Chad's dad. They look a lot alike! (Except Grandaddy prefers to have his hair longer instead of wearing it in a mohawk like Sambo. I have no idea why. Crazy Grandaddy.)


Christmas morning was extra fun since Mary Ella was more into it this year. And of course because we had TWO sweet munchkins to enjoy it with. Mary Ella was asleep when we got home from MeMama and Grandaddy's house so we didn't make a big deal about telling her that Santa was coming that night. When we woke her up the next morning and told her Santa had come, she was like, "big deal!" She didn't really say that, but I think she had heard us talk about Santa coming so much over the past few weeks that she didn't really believe us. So we kinda had to bribe her into the living room.


Santa was good to both Mary Ella and Sambo. He brought Mary Ella an Alphie, a new doll that she has named "Baby Charlotte,", a real shopping buggy, a Dora tent, some make up, a devotional book, a doll house, a pillow pet and a few other small things. The only things she asked for were a baby doll, a pillow pet and an Alphie so she seemed pleasantly surprised at the rest of her gifts.

I had the Alphie robot when I was a little girl. Do you remember it?


She immediately loaded most of it into her shopping buggy right away.


Her favorite gift of all was in her stocking...

And I'm sure we'll have a real interesting trip to the dentist this year because of it.

Sam, thanks to some great consignment sales and his big sister's hand-me-downs, received a basketball goal, a riding toy, a few stuffed animals, some rattle and teething toys, books and some baby bongo drums.

One of the best and most memorable things about Christmas morning was that it was SNOWING! This was the first white Christmas I can remember and the snowflakes were huge! We enjoyed drinking our coffee and watching it from the windows. I remember thinking, "This is like a movie!!!" and it was! It was a really magical day and I wish I'd taken more time to enjoy it, but we had to hurry with Santa and pack for Florence, so we didn't really get to soak it up. I should have at least taken Sam outside since it was his first snow! Oh well!

Ok, that's all I can post at the moment! More coming later...

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