Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 Months Old

Dear Baby Sam,

You are growing up too fast! You've been around for half a year now and time is flying much faster than your mother would like it to! A year ago, God was busy knitting you together, piece by piece, and He had already planned out all your days! I can't believe it has been almost a year since I found out I was carrying a sweet baby boy. I surprised your Daddy at Christmas with the news, and he was beyond thrilled that we were expecting a son. You are our precious baby boy.


At 6 months, you weigh around 18 pounds. You have chubby everything - hands, feet, thighs, cheeks, you name it. You are squishy and lovable and I can't get enough of you! You are ticklish on the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, and on your back. You can touch your toes and almost pull them to your mouth. You suck your fingers ALL the time and you suck your thumb to soothe yourself to sleep and when you are tired/fussy.


You can roll to either side but have yet to roll over. You are doing better about being on your tummy but still tire out pretty quickly. Mommy thinks you are going to be right-handed. You love toys that are bright colored or that make noise or rattle. You are putting everything into your mouth right now and we think you are teething, because you drool constantly, chew on your fingers, and have been a little fussy and feverish in the evenings. You love cold teething rings. You are now sitting in the high chair to eat but we have to lean you back a little because you are top heavy. You are built like your Daddy - long torso and short legs, so sitting up might come a little later than we expected; that big noggin makes you topple over easily and your short little legs won't hold you up too well yet! That will come in time! Your sister calls you "Sambo Morgan" at all times, and you like to watch her run around and sing and play. You are a great little brother, and Mary Ella is very proud of you.


You are super laid back and pretty much will adapt to any situation, which puts you in the category of "a good baby" I think. I am having a tough time finding "little boy" clothes for you because they seem to only make jeans and cargo pants and button-up shirts now for baby boys, and I can't bring myself to do that to you just yet. Mommy wants her baby to be a baby forever and ever! Thankfully, you, unlike your sister, don't seem to mind what you're going to be wearing just yet, so I'm having fun picking out your clothes and trying oh-so-hard to find bubbles that have leg holes big enough for your chunky thighs. I think you will sit on Santa's lap without any hesitation (also unlike your sister, who talks a big talk when it comes to Santa but is terrified in real life!) You love watching football; sometimes when you are fussy, we'll flip the TV to ESPN and sit you in front of a football game and you will immediately calm down. You are chowing down on baby food 3 times a day now and you seem to like just about anything we'll put in your mouth. You are now taking 4 6-oz bottles a day. You are still a great sleeper and you are no longer sleeping on your wedge because you are a wiggle worm. Sometimes Mommy will lay you down one way in the crib and find your head at the opposite end of the crib in the mornings. You have the sweetest grin and I could eat your marshmallow cheeks.

We are so thankful for you and you bring so much joy to our lives! I love you Sambo!


Ashley said...

This is sweet!

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